I Was Just A Gigolo

A friend of mine is starring in this new TV show on Showtime.

Jimmy is part of a team of male escorts in Las Vegas in “Gigolos,” a new reality show starting Thursday on Showtime.

On Torah Talk last night, I tell Rabbi Rabbs: “I’ve got a confession to make. When I was struggling financially back in 1994, I placed a classified ad in Los Angeles magazine saying I was willing to be an escort for women.”

Rabbs: “How much action did you get?”

Luke: “None.”

Rabbs: “You’re a moron.”

Luke: “My problem was that I’m a narcissist. I had a girlfriend who used to work for the Ford Modeling Agency. She said that when I came to LA, I should model. So, I was 27. Oh, OK, I could be a model.

“I came to LA. I was looking for work. I opened up the LA Weekly. I saw lots of ads for actors and models. Most of them turned out to be scams. I answered one and got an agent (Debbie Durkin). They thought they could get me modeling and acting work.

“So I got enough encouragement that I pursued it for the next 18 months with no success.

“I thought, oh, I’m going out for modeling and acting gigs. I could make money as an escort.

“And I went through a phase (from 1994-1996) that I slept with a lot of 40-something women. They’re easier to get along with.”

“They were skilled. They knew what to do… Some of them were even grateful. They were mature. They didn’t have all the drama. Twenty-five year old girls, they’re a lot of drama and hassle. You have to spend money on them. You didn’t have to spend money on these broads.”

Rabbs: “You could totally use them. You could objectify them and then discard them.”

“I once dated a woman who was 20 years older than me.”

Luke: “Did you ever place an ad to be an escort?”

Rabbs: “No. That I’m not stupid enough to do.”

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