Dangerous Man Haunts Synagogues, Jewish Community Centers

The Jewish Journal says: “The police report says that the man “is known to frequent synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in search of charity from patrons.”

Many of the people who come to shul seeking charity act like wackos. They berate you if you don’t give them money. They act like they’re entitled to your money.

I never give money to people who ask for it. I give to Jewish institutions and let them distribute it thoughtfully.

Giving out charity randomly attracts a bad crowd.

The Los Angeles Times reports: Law enforcement officials believe that an explosion outside a Jewish organization in Santa Monica on Thursday — first believed to be some type of gas blast — was actually a homemade explosive device purposely placed there, according to sources.

Santa Monica police Friday issued an alert to other law enforcement agencies, saying there was a specific man who detectives want to talk to in connection with the case. They said the man frequents synagogues and Jewish community centers and should be considered “extremely dangerous.”

Law enforcement sources told The Times the explosive device contained gun powder and concrete.

The blast sent a 300-pound metal pipe encased in concrete hurtling through the air and crashing through the roof of a home next door to the Chabad House synagogue. On Thursday, police had said they believed it was a freak industrial accident.

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