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Funny, He Didn’t Look Jewish
The story behind the conversion of Sammy Davis Jr. more

And the Dreidel Will Rock
David Lee Roth joined Van Halen to meet chicks, raise hell and earn a fortune. Oh, and to slay anti-Semitic stereotypes. Seriously. A backstage visit with a Jewish action figure. more

Subterranean Homeland Blues
Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Jewish rage. more

Don’t Fear the Rockdots
How Blue Öyster Cult bestowed the umlaut on rock and roll. more

The Yeshiva of Indie Rock
From Leonard Cohen to Seth Cohen, a short history of Jewish hipsters. more

Super Session Man
Al Kooper is the Kevin Bacon of rock and roll. more

Raising Hell
Punk’s half-Jewish forefather understood the power of alienation. more

Riffed Off
Led Zeppelin didn’t write those famous opening notes to "Stairway to Heaven." That honor belongs to a virtuoso guitarist named Randy California, and his mom would like you to know it. more

Heavy Shtetl
How I learned to rock the Kabbalah. more

Unfortunate Son
John Fogerty might be the only man in rock ever sued for plagiarizing himself. Meet Saul Zaentz, the man who sued him. more

The Passing Stone Interview more

That Land Is Your Land
When Woody Guthrie’s wife decided to give her sons a Jewish education, the family hired a fiery young rabbi named Meir Kahane. more

Any Major Dude
A Steely Dan d’var torah more

Rocking the Catskills
Beck may be a Scientologist, but he’s still Jewish at heart. more

Naked City
Finding radical Jewish culture in downtown New York. more

The Godfather of Everything That Moves
Mel Cheren invented clubland as we know it. more

Have Yourself a Jewish Little Christmas
A round-up of Jewish crooners’ holiday offerings, from the schmaltzy to the sublime. more

The Spirit of Rand
Nobody influenced Rush more than the author of Atlas Shrugged.

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