Orthodox Jews Shocked By The Sex In ‘Sex and the City’

I’ve heard complaints from Orthodox Jews that the sex in this new movie is gratuituous.

How can you have gratuituous sex in an R-rated movie called "Sex and the City" that is based on a sex-centered HBO show?

What were you expecting?

It’s like going to Yale but expecting to not be held to the same rules as everybody else (such as the mandatory one year in the dorms).

If you want to be authentic to Orthodox Judaism, you can’t own a TV and you can’t go to movies, certainly not R-rated movies. You can’t watch Schindler’s List because of the sex and the nudity.

If you want to be authentic to Orthdox Judaism, you can’t be authentic to modernity and vice versa.

If you are an Orthodox Jew, you are constantly at odds with the world around you. If you don’t feel this conflict, you’re not thinking very hard.

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