Hillel Bylaws Up For Vote

I hear Harkham Hillel’s religious dean Rabbi Boruch Sufrin, Morey Levovitz and current puppet president Fallas are being targeted by current and former employees for work related harrassment issues.

For the upcoming vote on the bylaws board and executive board want parents to vote in the dark like last year by not sending copies of the new bylaws and the old bylaws for them to compare any differences. Parents will be told to pick up copies from the office versus having both emailed to the parents who can compare any improvements. This way they can slip in last years amended bylaws for approvals.

A Sufrin-friendly source says: There’s a boatload of bad feeling on the part of the folks who are being or have been forced out under Sufrin-Levovitz, who are looking for a way to give Sufrin-Levovitz-Fallas-Hillel a black eye as payback. The allegations of harassment are b.s. The school had a lot of dead wood and needed to clean house. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

As for the vote, I did hear that there was a decision not to mail the old and new ones out. The reality is any parent who cares can come in get a copy of both the old and the new. Bylaws aren’t secret. Nothing is being slipped in. There’s just no reason to send them out to everyone. It’s inviting people who otherwise wouldn’t care. There is nothing to hide, but it has already been such a headache with all the drama already that less is more.

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