Busty Israeli Model Orit Fox Bitten In Breast By Snake

I feel like there is a deep moral message in the following story but I can’t quite figure it out yet.

The New York Daily News reports: A busty model and an angry snake together for a photo shoot – what could possibly go wrong?

Orit Fox’s attempt at seductive posing with a massive boa took a bizarre turn when the snake bit one of the Israeli B-Lister’s surgically enhanced breasts in the middle of a shoot for a Tel Aviv radio station, ABC of Spain reported.

All was going well for the silicone-addicted Fox until she tried to ramp up the sex factor by licking the snake. The move proved costly as she loosened her grip on the reptile, which went straight for the model’s left breast implant and latched onto it for several seconds before being pulled off by an assistant.

Fox was rushed to a local hospital, where she was given a tetanus shot.

According to several media sources, the snake wasn’t so lucky and died of silicone poisoning.


TEL AVIV — A snake who bit Israeli model and actress Orit Fox in the chest died after being poisoned by an unusual venom — the silicone in the buxom blonde’s surgically enhanced breasts.

Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s footage of Fox’s encounter was racking up YouTube hits Monday, with some users lamenting, “R.I.P. snake,” and the less-informed commenting: “I wish I was that snake!”

The video shows the model fondling and licking the serpent for a feature in Israeli DJ Shmulik Tayar’s radio show, before the snake got fresh with Fox and latched on to her bountiful left breast.

The model yelped as a man wearing a T-shirt with a Spanish profanity written on the back rushed over to help.

Israel is a land of plastic surgery, not just milk and honeys.

Haaretz reports this disturbing story:

Public relations efforts focus on publicizing articles where surgeons are mentioned, and are camouflaged as consumer pieces or touching personal stories. Such a story is the breast-reduction operation of Orit Fox, 28, who still, even after the procedure, apparently has the largest chest in the country. Why a reduction? Because a few years ago Klein – at her request – inserted silicone implants in her with a volume of 1,300 cubic centimeters, on each side.

“In the army I decided to enlarge,” said Fox in an interview with Einat Ehrlich on the Israeli entertainment channel. “My obsession is my breasts.” Fox had a naturally large chest, and several doctors would not agree to enlarge it. “I continued to look for a doctor, and everyone told me: ‘Dov Klein will operate on you.'” Fox’s satisfaction did not last long. Adi Barkan, her agent, was also unhappy, and Fox volunteered to have a 500-cc. reduction. This surgery was followed in great detail by a film crew sent on behalf of TV presenter Guy Pines.

Who initiated the Fox news report?

Pines: “I think we were invited by that doctor, or it’s possible that we read about it in the paper and we approached them. The doctors are very interested in doing such things, and Dov Klein most of all. It’s quite common for doctors to employ PR people and publicize their operations.”

Doesn’t this seem to you like a voyeuristic activity that encourages plastic surgery?

“I don’t feel that I’m leading a trend, but rather reflecting a situation. I don’t talk about it either admiringly or critically. Although we show it, we also express our opinion … I don’t condemn the phenomenon as a phenomenon – not as a human being and not on the show. I think that if someone does it because it’s his way of being a better person, that’s his right, but I wouldn’t want to encourage it. In the case of Orit Fox, the idea behind it was, ‘God, what is this thing and who is this doctor who is so eager to be famous?”‘

Klein himself is very eager to become famous, at any cost, it seems: “Orit did not have large implants. There are places in the world, in the U.S. or in Germany, where they make much larger breasts than that.”

But it’s not healthy, it damages one’s back.

Klein: “There are patients who want that. I can explain the consequences of this operation, but they have to take responsibility.”

There were doctors who didn’t agree to do this implant for her.

“I can’t take responsibility for the decisions of mature women.”

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