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Joe emails: An offer was made to mediate the Biston-Weil dispute before a beit din and that fell through. It is now scheduled for trial in September.

Pacific Jewish Center in Venice is looking for a part time rabbi – apparently the shul cannot afford a full time rabbi. This is part of the larger problem of pulpit rabbis commanding upper middle income salaries from shuls where members are getting drilled by school tuition etc. The last full time rabbi at Pacific Jewish Center made over 120K and did not do anything to grow the shul.

Chabad of North Hollywood (located in Sherman Oaks) has the go ahead to build out its existing old facility (which is bursting at the seams) but needs a few million to do it right with underground parking, etc. If Rabbi Boruch Cunin has money from the Roland Arnall estate, please send it to this great valley shul which has chulent every shabbos.

Shaarey Zedek is warming up to the new rabbi – he is getting to be more friendly and the downstairs minyan has acknowledged his evident intellectual superiority.

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