Luke Ford Torah Study Doll Hits 10,000 Units Sold!

Shomerica, America’s number one company for products for the Orthodx Jewish Shomer community is pleased to announce it has shipped 10,000 units of its Luke Ford Torah Study Companion Doll.

“Our demographic research showed that many Shomer Jews sought Torah study partners, but were leary of the cross gender contact that might occur”, said marketing director, Michael Kravitz. “We recognized that the morbidly obese shut-ins were being under served and found a match with readers. The Luke doll provides the security of studying with one of the net’s most admired Torah scholars.”

The testimonials pour in:

I take my Luke Torah study doll everywhere. When I cruise my neighborhood with it in my passenger seat I can feel the envy of my neighbors as they see me with such a pious looking man. – Esther H., Beverly Hills

The Luke doll is an answer to my prayers. My crippling obesity has rendered me unable to get out of bed, but it no longer prevents me from studying with a partner, such a handsome partner. Thank you Shomerica!” – Hannah M. , Tel Aviv

This will be my best Valentine’s Day ever! I shall dress my Luke doll in a fine black suit and yarmulke and proudly take him to yeshiva. – Joan K. , New York City

Shomerica proudly announces its second Orthodox doll the Rabbs 3000 available June 2011.

About Luke Ford

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