Another Republican Caught With His Shirt Off

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Representative Chris Lee of New York, caught in the midst of a scandal involving a shirtless photo he reportedly e-mailed to a woman, has stepped down, according to a senior Congressional official.

Mr. Lee’s decision to step down came after a photo of him without a shirt appeared on Gawker along with e-mail exchanges that reportedly took place between him and a woman who had placed a personal notice in the “women seeking men” section of Craigslist.

In one of the e-mails, Mr. Lee describes himself as a lobbyist who is a “fit fun, classy guy.”

Mr. Lee also tells the woman that he is divorced.

When the woman asks him if he routinely sends shirtless photos of himself, Mr. Lee responds, “Sorry, it’s all I had.”

This story hits me hard. I know what it is like to say and to do stupid things in the pursuit of fleeting physical pleasure that totally pales with what God has waiting for us in the much much better world to come.

Oy, I picked the wrong day to stop smoking crack.

In this fallen old world, I have often said inappropriate things to women. I am the king of inappropriate as my friends will tell you.

I have not, however, ever sent a naked photo of myself to anyone. I’ve never posed for a naked photo.

I am a man and I have some sympathy with Chris Lee. As a normal guy, he’s willing to do almost anything to have sex with a new body. Most men will do almost anything for a sexual conquest.

Many feminists get offended at the claim that the male sex drive is stronger, but when was the last time a woman threw her life away for sex with a stranger? I can’t think of any famous examples. Women will jeopardize life and career on occasion for an illicit relationship but they have to know the guy in question. I am thinking about the movies I Am Love and Unfaithful as examples of this. I can’t think of examples of women throwing it all away for sex with a stranger.

In my experience, I do not know of any woman who’s knowingly jeopardized anything significant for sex. All the women I know who’ve cheated (on me or others) did it to purposefully end a relationship, not for the thrill of exchanging sex with a new body.

Psychologist Roy Baumeister told Dennis Prager a couple of weeks ago:

“What happens over and over again if you track couples, when they fall in love, and their sexual interests match closely and they both think I’ve found someone who’s close to me and we’ll go on having sex every day. A year or two later, after the commitment’s made and they’re married, they revert back to their separate baselines.

“If married people have conflicts over sex, more than 90% of the time the men want more sex than the women. The women seem to lose sexual interest in their partner after a couple of years and the man, and the woman, often don’t understand what’s different.

“Women are not catching up to men in the illegal stuff. Men have a higher sex drive and are more likely to do illegal or immoral things to get sex.”

Chaim Amalek emails: “Stuff like this — plus the occasional Craigslist Serial Killer story in the local press — is why it is so hard to meet a quality woman through Craigslist. Seriously, Gary Studds, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton all weathered exposure of doing lots worse, so why did he not stand and fight? Because he panicked, or because he proved to be weak?”

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