Heshy Fried Visits LA

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Heshy writes on FrumSatire.net:

The Happy Minyan was the happiest shul I’ve ever been to, everyone was hugging, dancing and smiling the whole time – it wasn’t just about the post lecha dodi dancing, this was full on happiness. It was also one of the most diverse minyanim I have ever seen. There were chassidim, yeshivish, modern orthodox, hippies and everything in between and lots of baalei teshuva. The age of the crowd was also a big range and the only disappointment I had was the fact that you couldn’t see the ladies. The mechitza was full heights and you could sillouhettes, but full on bodies were not visible and I was kind of mad. So during the post lecha dodi dance I stopped by the curtains and stuck my full head inside the ladies section for a good view – there were definitely some hotties in there and none of them were dancing which I found strange.

For shabbos shachris I chose to go to B’nai David, some folks told me it was a super left wing modern orthodox shul that would provide a lot of material. I have noticed that many people have different views of places when they haven’t actually been there, I didn’t get a lot of material there – though I intend to do a full review of the shul and it wasn’t super left wing at all. However, I should note that it was an extremely friendly and welcoming shul, something I haven’t experienced much in the modern orthodox community. Not only did multiple people say good shabbos to me, I was invited out for lunch and got an aliyah – but look for the full review in the next few days. Oh and their cholent was amazing and I saw Esther Kustanowitz at kiddush at we did some schmoozing which was nice.

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