10 Reasons You Might Need A New Bra

From AOL:

Strapless BraBuying a new bra is a task many women put off. Whether it’s the expense, the feeling that it’s self-indulgence, or just not having the time to try one on to find a proper fit, bra shopping is not always at the top of everyone’s list. Still, there are times when new bras are simply a must-and it’s not just when your bras get so disreputable-looking that your husband makes fun of you. Knowing when to get a new one is the key to helping you keep bras that fit and are comfortable. These tips should help you find the right bra for your size and shape.

  1. You haven’t purchased a bra in the past six months. Is the expense keeping you in bras that are wearing out? Sure, you can spend $50 or even $100 on a bra pretty easily, but there are plenty of cute bras available for under $30. If you’d spend it on a manicure or a couple of movie tickets, you should be able to spend it onConvertible Bra a bra.

  2. You have a special occasion coming up. If you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, or you’re going to a formal dance, you may need a strapless or convertible bra .

  3. You’re pregnant . No, you don’t need a nursing or maternity bra yet-but your breasts are going to grow a surprising amount over the next nine months. Chances are you’ll need to size up twice during your pregnancy. And even if you were an "A" cup to begin with, you’re going to need an underwire for support now. Be kind to your breasts during pregnancy and nursing-good bras can minimize post-baby sagging. Bali , Playtex , and Calvin Klein offer some comfortable choices for this time in your life.

  4. You’ve been wearing an ill-fitting bra. If your bra is puckered, oddly stretched, the back strap is riding up, or you have that magical bra line visible over your chest-you need a different bra. Be honest with yourself-as much as you’d like to be a C, are you really a B? Or, conversely, is a D cup just too small? Your bra should be supportive without being constricting, and should not gape away from your skin at any point when you are standing up straight. Check out full-figured or plus-size bras for a good fit, or get seamless bras if you wear t-shirts often. And stop worrying about size! Comfort in a bra is where it’s at.

  5. You’ve washed your bras repeatedly in the washing machine. Bras should be hand-washed. If you do not have the time, then at least use a lingerie bag for them as it will protect the straps and hooks from getting caught while washing or drying. Bras washed in the machine and without protection need to be replaced far more often.

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