What’s Up With The Daily Yid?

I got this email: "[Rabbi] Hersh Wolf Krauz is a willi residence and Contrib of Yiddish Wikki and Bchadrei Charedim Yiddish. All of them is down."

I emailed the Daily Yid what was going on. He replied that it was a private matter.

The Daily Yid author is a Satmar Hasid in Williamsburg with payos and about eight kids.

Leah Kleim posts:

What’s Up with the Daily Yid?

We congratulate the Satmar Leadership, for joining forces with Leah Kleim to expose Sexual Child Molesters and Sexual Predators and other such abuse, which was swept under the rug until now, unfortunately.

Leah Kleim has recently stated that she has been working closely with Satmar Rabbonim to put an end to the abuse, specifically regarding the most recent case of the DailyYid.

Satmar is now in hot pursuit of one of their own and are slowly coming forward with more and more details on this case.

Unfortunately however, they are going real slow at this. The New Satmar blog by the Satmars who are determined to stop the abuse have stated in their blog that they have chosen to release what they know, very slowly, over the next several days, weeks and even MONTHS.

In the mean time, as long as the Satmar Leadership, holds back from releasing his Photo to the public, many Satmar, with very large families of small children, are now in a Panic that their children may be abused by DY, for the next few months, until his photo is published to warn all parents to keep their children safe and far away from this Predator, who is presumed to be roaming the streets of Satmar, right now.

The New Satmar web site:

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This blog is now invite only and I did not get an invite.

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