Gordon Brown to warn against global youth unemployment epidemic

From the Guardian: “Former prime minister will call for Barack Obama to take the lead in helping the 81 million people under the age of 25.

Gordon Brown is a British socialist. All of his political life, he’s pushed for increased regulation of business. He’s made it harder for businesses to fire people. He’s a tool of labor unions, who come between the employer and the customers and make companies more inefficient. Gordon Brown’s ilk require minimum wage laws that discourage business from hiring the unskilled. They push for confiscatory levels of taxation, further discouraging hiring.

And now what is their solution to the unemployment these policies cause? More government intervention.

This reminds me of the housing crisis. It was created by the government requiring banks to lend to people who were bad credit risks. Then all the cards came crashing down and those on the left want to further regulate business.

Home prices in coastal areas of California skyrocketed after the left pushed through restrictive land use policies. Then the left claimed there was a lack of affordable housing and demanded more government intervention.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

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