Yisroel Pensack: Prime Minister Proposes English Health Care System Overhaul

According to an article by Sarah Lyall in The New York Times:

LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday proposed a radical reorganization of England’s health care system, introducing legislation that would hand responsibility for most of the country’s health budget to its 42,000 general practitioners and, his political opponents say, open the door to private competition that could threaten the foundations of socialized care.

Mr. Cameron argues that the bill, said to be the biggest overhaul of the National Health Service since it was founded in 1948, is essential to increase efficiency and allow doctors, patients and localities more control of how the health budget is spent…

The [proposed] changes apply only to England; other parts of Britain have separate systems…

Economically, it’s been all downhill for the British for 100 years — since their ruling landlords undermined, subverted and eventually jettisoned the (American Henry) Georgist-inspired land value tax provisions of the Lloyd George 1909 Budget Bill. If Britain were to assess and heavily tax only land values each year and abolish taxes on wages, commerce and industry, then employment, wages and the nation’s output of goods and services would dramatically rise, and most people could afford to pay for health care.

The United States and other countries should do the same.

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