I’m Live With Rabbi Gadol, Rev Des

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Rabbi Gadol is my Jeremiah Wright.

ArielSokolovsky:  i bought a laptop
ArielSokolovsky:  and a wbcam
ArielSokolovsky:  and web studio
ArielSokolovsky:  tools
ArielSokolovsky:  so i’ll be able to outleader you
ArielSokolovsky:  RabbiGodol is a real person?
YourMoralLeader:  very real
RabbiGadol:  Of course I am real.
YourMoralLeader:  Rabbi, are you Modern Orthodox?
RabbiGadol:  Very modern
ArielSokolovsky:  i thought he is one of your alter egis like Reb Chaim Amalek
QuixoticLass:  lass is good
YourMoralLeader:  lol
ArielSokolovsky:  where are you from?
RabbiGadol:  I am Luke’s Reverend Wright
Emma:  Good..
RabbiGadol:  If he ever runs for office, I will have to be explained away.
QuixoticLass:  I think he’d prefer a Robin Wright
RabbiGadol:  Again with the eating.
RabbiGadol:  It is like watching a cow chew its cud.
ArielSokolovsky:  Rabbi Godol have you ever heard of me?
RabbiGadol:  Luke, some sardines packed in olive oil would do you a world of good
User ArielSokolovsky changed their name to RabbiArielSokolovsky.
YourMoralLeader:  Rabbi G, could you say a bracha on Emma and I?
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  Levi what are you listening to that we hear in the background?
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  news?
YourMoralLeader:  traffickahuna.com training
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  cool
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  let me look at that
RabbiGadol:  It is not news that the Rebbe has risen from the dead to claim the mantle of Moshiach, of that I am certain.
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  you know all this training is BS
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  you need gambling or porn or be Chabad.org or Deis Prager to have real trafficn
RabbiGadol:  Emma, are you ready for your conversion?
RabbiGadol:  I am going to convert her as she flies over New York City on her way to lie with you in Los Angeles.
RabbiGadol:  But then, on her way back to Ireland, I will undo the conversion.
QuixoticLass:  there is no such thing as a mikvah on an airplane
YourMoralLeader:  http://www.jewcy.com/post/indiana_republican_nazi_sypathizer_white_women_beware_pornocaust
YourMoralLeader:  Rabbi G, check it out
RabbiGadol:  Is this a porn web site?
QuixoticLass:  no natural water source at that altitude, so the conversion will be bogus
RabbiGadol:  I do not click on those.
RabbiGadol:  That’s why I will need to reverse it on the way back.
QuixoticLass:  why would you need to reverse something that never was in the first place?
RabbiGadol:  But if she flies through a rain shower, and if she goes to the bathroom during the flight and coats herself in water, it will be valid
QuixoticLass:  uh, no.
RabbiGadol:  QL, I am a rabbi and a man.  You are not even allowed to give testimony before a bet din.
RabbiGadol:  Know your place on Lukeford.net
YourMoralLeader:  lol
QuixoticLass:  I am a woman and a former rebbetzin and have an expert knowledge of Niddah
RabbiGadol:  Luke, letting women into shul was as bad for Judaism as letting Mexicans into the United States proves to be for the white man.
QuixoticLass:  so 😛
YourMoralLeader:  The personal-injury lawyer says he’s running for Congress to combat "the genocide of the white race" that pornography is causing — an "unholy pornocaust" against white Christian women.
RabbiGadol:  Let me open your eyes, QL
YourMoralLeader:   "We now have a small army of male black porn stars that are sifting through five, ten, fifteen thousand women," he said. "One man can now genocide the wombs of thousands of women," infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases that leave them barren
RabbiGadol:  I have read similar arguments on your site from many years back, Luke.
YourMoralLeader:  He calls it "Porn mule womb slaughter… the most effective weapon of mass destruction."…
RabbiGadol:  You were writing under your pen name, Chaim Amalek
YourMoralLeader:  Porn mules abuse women’s body temples to the maximum degree, infect virtually every single one with at least the HPV, genocidally kill their wombs in a matter of years, and render them all but lifetime unmarriageable in a day.
RabbiGadol:  Do you remaining friends in that trade agree with this analysis?
YourMoralLeader:  no
YourMoralLeader:  What can we do as Torah Jews to stop this holocaust?
RabbiGadol:  I told you.  Pre-emption
RabbiGadol:  Whoever gets there firstest with the mostest wins, just like in war.
RabbiGadol:  Hello
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, what do you think of the Pope?
Emma:  I respect him…
russiandragon:  just popped in to say hello
Emma:  To be honest I payed more attension to the other one…
Emma:  He done more
russiandragon:  see you are immersed in a interesting discussion
YourMoralLeader:  I like this pope, he’s a fighter
RabbiGadol:  He fights for the West.
Emma:  Thats true
RabbiGadol:  I want you, QL, to see your womb as an artillery piece
QuixoticLass:  I have served my people
RabbiGadol:  Firing Jewish babies into the future like shells from a Paris Gun circa WW1
RabbiGadol:  QL, I want you on Craigslist, posting ads for Jewish men to fertilize your womb yet again, to win yet more victories for Yiddishkeit
RevDesmondFord:  son, you are a sinker of the lowest order.
RevDesmondFord:  your "blog" = "pseudo-intellectual ultra-right Nazi newspaper that presents itself as a legitimate intellectual exercise, but is really an attempt to connect half-truths in such a way as to provide one opportunity after another to introduce your own narrow world view."
QuixoticLass:  looking for someone with whom i have the 3 C’s.
RabbiGadol:  Conception…
QuixoticLass:  Compatability, Communication, Chemistry
RevDesmondFord:  three things with which you have no legitimate association: Jews, Judaism, Journalism.
RevDesmondFord:  it’s the truth- which you so disingenuously claim to seek.
YourMoralLeader:  M, how do you keep your morals so firm and sturdy?
Emma:  I don’t have to try.. it’s just the way I am
RabbiGadol:  QL, why do you need "chemistry"?
RevDesmondFord:  you are nothing but a c u n t whose mission to defame and destroy the Jews stems from your own low, self-seeking motives- not from any base of truth.
YourMoralLeader:  M, how do I get your dad on my side?
Emma:  No idea
RabbiGadol:  Are you older than Emma’s father?
YourMoralLeader:  what does he like to talk about?
Emma:  He is a hard nut to crack
Emma:  No he isn’t
QuixoticLass:  I need chemistry because there is no way I’m going to commit to another man who doesn’t want to rock my world.
RabbiGadol:  How old is your father?
Emma:  50’s
RabbiGadol:  "Rock your world"?
RabbiGadol:  This is not Jewish talk
RevDesmondFord:  your sloppy crackpot "writing" = "just another attempt to find an audience of untrained and moderate intelligence readers who will buy into your assertions and distortions as the "real deal."
QuixoticLass:  it is merely by the fact that I am saying it
RabbiGadol:  When you became a rebbetzin, was your world rocked?
RevDesmondFord:   My son’s fair-dinkum attempts at morality gnerally involved searching for sinkers and floaters directly from his boyhood friend Wayne Cherry’s bum. .
RabbiGadol:  Luke, I think you should report your father to protective services.
RabbiGadol:  Did he abuse you as a child?
YourMoralLeader:  no
RabbiGadol:  Are you sure you are not suppressing a memory?
RabbiGadol:  QC, look beyond the physical
RevDesmondFord:  To the alleged "Rabgbi" – what depth of self-loathing compels you to latch on to a mentally ill anti-semite like my son?
RabbiGadol:  I know who you are, RevDesmond, and I know what animates you
RevDesmondFord:  why would you attach any credibility to the likes of my idiot son, whose self-appointed purpose in life is to defame the Jews and glorify his craven self?
RabbiGadol:  I have suggested to Luke that you and he pitch yourselves to Hollywood as a kind of reality TV show.
RevDesmondFord:  I should have suffocated him with his dead mother’s placenta.
RevDesmondFord:  answer my question.
RabbiGadol:  QL, I would have you look beyond that.
RabbiGadol:  For example, I don’t see you listing "yicchus" as one of your requirements
RabbiGadol:  Looks fade, but yicchus can last an eternity.
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, is meeting on a cam a traditional means of Irish courtship?
RevDesmondFord:  the phony "Rabbi" (no doubt another anti-semite) will not answer my question. he must be another one of those "big fat phonies" like the legitimate journalists who had the sense to refuse my scumbag son’s baiting questions.
RabbiGadol:  Reverend, as I said, I know who you are and the origins of the feud.
RabbiGadol:  It forms the kernel of the next book Luke is set to release.
RevDesmondFord:  A fair-dinkum way of SDA Aussie courtship involves Weet-Bix, whole milk and a turkey baster…but my son’s a pnce and would rather cavort in a urine-soaked latrine with Wayne Cherry.
RabbiGadol:  Who is/was Wayne Cherry?
Emma:  Dancing around shamrocks is a traditional form of courtship
RevDesmondFord:  my, my, another self-published anti-semitic tract from my worthless son.
YourMoralLeader:  Wayne was my best mate from childhood
YourMoralLeader:  I Miss my daddy
Emma:  I’m sure you will see him again soon…
QuixoticLass:  daddy’s are overrated
YourMoralLeader:  I want him to marry us, Emma
YourMoralLeader:  He has a way with words, doesn’t he?
Emma:  Whoa what a wedding 🙂
Emma:  Do you take this worthless idiot…….
QuixoticLass:  you should serve popcorn during the service
RevDesmondFord:  son, you are feces personified.
YourMoralLeader:  Dad, would you preside over my wedding to Emma?
RevDesmondFord:  your megalomaniacal fantasies of shrieking at secular sheilas are very revealing of your mental illness.
RevDesmondFord:  what a C U N T you are
YourMoralLeader:  Emma is not secular. She’s a church-going Catholic.
Emma:  lol
YourMoralLeader:  Dad, I want you to look at Emma as your daughter.
Emma:  i yi yi
QuixoticLass:  oh great, make her a target for his filthy derision too?
RevDesmondFord:  i’m speaking of your amateurish "stream of consciousness" rant, not about that sadly misguided online twat.
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, could you bring your parents in here so they can meet my dad?
Emma:  Busy..sorry
QuixoticLass:  washing their hair?
RevDesmondFord:  I’ll look at Emma as another dimwit with nothing better to do than fawn over your specious blathering, boy.
Emma:  lol
RevDesmondFord:  it’s about the best you can do, isn’t it, boy?
YourMoralLeader:  You’re a bit hard on her dad.
YourMoralLeader:  That’s true.
RevDesmondFord:  pathetic. why couldn’t you be more like your brother, Paul?
RevDesmondFord:  The only filthy derision going on here is my boy’s constant denigration of the Jewish people.
RevDesmondFord:  tell us who converted you, son. speak up.
YourMoralLeader:  Rabbi Gadol, dad.
RevDesmondFord:  they should be provided with copies of your anti-semitic internet blather.
RevDesmondFord:  once again: you are a duplicitous, lying c u n t with no legitimate connection to jews or judaism.
RevDesmondFord:  or journalism.
RevDesmondFord:  and you know it. that is what motivates you to rail at the world.
YourMoralLeader:  What’s the solution? The Final Solution?
RevDesmondFord:  that, and your failure with women – most of your hack "writing" is driven by the twitching of your wormlike dick, "Moral Leader."
RevDesmondFord:  kill yourself.
RevDesmondFord:  Ah, yes. ‘Rabbi Gadol.’ Another figment of my boy’s imagination. What was it Rabbi Union said about you? Something to do with deceit and fraud?
RevDesmondFord:  you know Union was right, you smirking pansy.
QuixoticLass:  this is so unpleasant.
RevDesmondFord:  the truth often is.
Emma:  Oh the wind whistles down the cold dark street tonight…..
YourMoralLeader:  Dad, is there anything I do that pleases you?
RevDesmondFord:  you are a despicable sinker, son.
RabbiGadol:  Rev, would you respect Luke more if he summoned up the minimal self respect necessary to boot you from his site?
RevDesmondFord:  what was it Rabbi Union said about you? Hmmm? Something about deceit and fraud?
RevDesmondFord:  my self-seeking, self-obsessed son enjoys the attention too much. he’s like a girl in that regard.
YourMoralLeader:  What’s new with you, dad?
RevDesmondFord:  My boy won’t boot his dad…he knows I’m the only voice of truth and reason here.
Emma:  Your quite comical
Emma:  Thats why he wont boot you
RevDesmondFord:  it’s no coincidence that tony zirkle’s neo-Nazi rants resemble those of my anti-semite son.
RabbiGadol:  QL, I know a nice yeshivish man for you
RevDesmondFord:  Emma, I can only imagine how empty-headed and naive you must be to nurture a fundamentally unreal fixation on my C U N T of a son.
RevDesmondFord:   I’d rather sacrifice my only daughter to a pack of savage, sexualized abos than to see my son perpetrate his fraud and slanders against the Jewish people.
Emma:  If you didnt hide behind your huge words, I think you would be quite empty headed too
RevDesmondFord:  the fact that you consider those words "huge" explains why you are gullible enough to believe any aspect of my son’s fraudulent persona.
RevDesmondFord:  preying on the teenybopper at 40+ years of age.
Emma:  His persona is perfect
Emma:  lol teenybopper
YourMoralLeader:  Hey Palestine, meet my dad
palestine4ever:  more posts that name the Jew, please
QuixoticLass:  mildly retarded?  OMG
Emma:  Retarded ha!
RevDesmondFord:  how you must cling to the support of these mental deficients, Luke. almost as much as you dote on my genuine loathing.
YourMoralLeader:  True, true
YourMoralLeader:  narcissistic supply, dad.
palestine4ever:  Hello, Rev. Ford. I blame you for not bring him up to be jew-wise.
RabbiGadol:  He has one argument, Luke.
RevDesmondFord:  just another attempt to find an audience of untrained and moderate intelligence readers who will buy into your assertions and distortions as the "real deal."
RabbiGadol:  It is within your power to boot him.
RabbiGadol:  Luke, aim for the camera
palestine4ever:  Oh geez
palestine4ever:  In a year you’ll be reading The Secret with the other Oprah cultists
YourMoralLeader:  I
YourMoralLeader:  ‘m
YourMoralLeader:  getting better
Emma:  lol
palestine4ever:  You don’t want to get better.
palestine4ever:  I don’t either.
RevDesmondFord:  one reader accurately characterized my son’s "blog" as the equivalent of Nazi propaganda.
palestine4ever:  My world is more interesting with me at the center of it.
palestine4ever:  I think that’s unfair, Reverend.
palestine4ever:  I’d read it more often if there were a touch more Der Sturmer in it.
RevDesmondFord:  the truth is unfair, eh?
RevDesmondFord:  The difference being is that the Nazis were fair-dinkum skillful.
RabbiGadol:  "reverend," Luke is the go-to man for 60-Minutes on certain issues.
palestine4ever:  Skillful.
palestine4ever:  With two Ls.
RabbiGadol:  And he is a published author.
palestine4ever:  RevFord you are a FAKE!
RevDesmondFord:  my son resents the mainstream media because he is inept and unqualified to function as a real journalist.
Emma:  Dont worry Pale.. he is empty headed
palestine4ever:  I am a master of all wee people idioms, no Aussie in his older years would spell skillful that way.
palestine4ever:  You sir have abused my confidence.
RabbiGadol:  Also, Luke is popular with the ladies.
RevDesmondFord:  I’m waiting for my son to recount his experience with Rabbi Union.
RevDesmondFord:  what did Rabbi Union have to say about you, Luke?
Emma:  Bye de bye bye xoxoxoxoxox
palestine4ever:  I do believe his eyebrows are getting thicker since he began his personal re-Judaization, though.
palestine4ever:  It’s hunky.
RevDesmondFord:   I recall on walkabout one time, I had a vision of a perfect world…one without my boy. Now his brother Paul, THAT’S a righteous lad. Floaters every time!
palestine4ever:  There are two rabbis and three clergy in here.
palestine4ever:  This frightens me.
palestine4ever:  Plus Luke, who is more of a priest than all of them.
RevDesmondFord:  a pathetic assertion.
RevDesmondFord:   As far as being a "go-to" person, that just shows how lazy research departments can be. Any cursory reading of my boy’s drivel would reveal him to be a crackpot with little understanding or knowledge of what he blathers about.
palestine4ever:  You started him on veganism, Rev, it’s your fault for sapping his vital essence by banning him from red meat.
RevDesmondFord:  and THAT is the truth.
QuixoticLass:  usually it’s fun in here, but this is just blech.
RevDesmondFord:  my son is a parasite with no discernible talent.
QuixoticLass:  Shabbat Shalom y’all
RevDesmondFord:  and deep down, he knows this to be true. hence his attacks on the so-called "MSM".
RevDesmondFord:  hence, his attacks on Judaism.
RevDesmondFord:  I was hoping the boy would die from malnutrition.
palestine4ever:  How can you deny a boy dead cow flesh and expect him not to be a bit swishy?
palestine4ever:  I mean, c’mon.
RevDesmondFord:  after he gave his mum cancer, i knew his birth to be an abomination.
palestine4ever:  Your parenting skills are what’s at issue here.
russiandragon:  where is emma gone
RevDesmondFord:  my boy’s spirits seem low now that the barely legal, mildly retarded internet groupie is not here to bolster his shaky, maladjusted sense of self.
RevDesmondFord:  let’s talk about Rabbi Union and what he had to say about my son, Luke Ford.
palestine4ever:  Okay, that was pretty good.
palestine4ever:  There’s a rabbi named Rabbi Union?
RevDesmondFord:  indeed.
palestine4ever:  Hell, I am Ayatollah Friendship.
RevDesmondFord:  ask my son about him.
RevDesmondFord:  what did Rabbi Union have to say about you, son?
palestine4ever:  I pinch the cheeks of all the boys as I strap on their suicide belts.
palestine4ever:  Why don’t you tell us, Rev?
RevDesmondFord:  my son refuses to answer the question.
palestine4ever:  So tell us.
palestine4ever:  Seriously, we’re just not waiting on the edge of our chairs to hear what Rabbi Union had to say.
RevDesmondFord:  i’d rather see my son be a man and tell us in detail what rabbi union had to say about him.
palestine4ever:  Know your audience.
RevDesmondFord:  Union was right, son.
palestine4ever:  Enough of that. Rev, why did you come to America rather than bringing The Word to the heathen abos?
RevDesmondFord:  and you know it, don’t you?
RevDesmondFord:  fraud
palestine4ever:  There were plenty of black hearted savages in your own land that had yet to be civilized.
palestine4ever:  Bah
RevDesmondFord:  I came to America to spread the truth about my son.
palestine4ever:  Fake Rev Ford is worse than Fake Luke.
palestine4ever:  You need a bit more texture to the performance.
palestine4ever:  If Chaim did nothing but lament Luke being Hustler’s Asshole of the Month some years back, would we remember him?
palestine4ever:  This Tony Zirkle is a handsome young twink.
RevDesmondFord:  whose views resemble those of my gay son.
RevDesmondFord:  in a word: loathsome.
palestine4ever:  "Self-determination slavery reparation segregation is a human right honored in International law and is neither racist nor bigoted"
palestine4ever:  If I understood that, I’m pretty sure I’d be behind it.
RevDesmondFord:  pseudo-intellectual ultra-right Nazi newspaper that presents itself as a legitimate intellectual exercise
RevDesmondFord:  but is really an attempt to connect half-truths in such a way as to provide one opportunity after another to introduce your own narrow world view.
palestine4ever:  "No father of 3 beautiful Jewish Christian children (their mother converted) is going to be voting to gas innocent ones."
palestine4ever:  Hahaha, he’s a convert too
RevDesmondFord:  congratulations, son. you’re in good company, eh?
RevDesmondFord:  My boy has been nothing but a disappointment to his stepmum and me. His phony "CFS," his constant complaints about his "tennis elbow," his refusal to get a job, his constant asking us for money…I’d like to stomp him as if he were a cane toad.
RevDesmondFord:  he is also mistaken in his guesses as to my "true" identity. as he is in so many other things.
RevDesmondFord:  I’d burst him all over the bitumen.
RevDesmondFord:   His brother Paul? They’re like chalk and cheese, mate!
RevDesmondFord:  Paul is successful, while Luke is a failure.
RevDesmondFord:  Paul is LOVED by his family. Luke is not. Tolerated, perhaps, but not loved.
RevDesmondFord:   It would have been kind of me to have smothered him at birth. His mum talked me out of it.
RevDesmondFord:  Then he gave her cancer in return.
RevDesmondFord:  DId you know that my son is not Jewish?
RevDesmondFord:  play-acting at Judaism while attacking and baiting the Jews on his cowardly "blog." Much as he used one hand to hold up anti-porn protest siogns while jacking off to porn with the other.
RevDesmondFord:  Luke thinks this schtick makes him "conflicted, compelling and coomplex" – but in reality, he is simply a hypocritical, poisonous douchebag.
RevDesmondFord:   You can all bugger off. A pack of bloody abos has more sense.
User RevDesmondFord left the room.
guest12:  i think i am falling in love with you Rev…would you be willing to try a jewish babe ?
palestine4ever:  time for Luke’s mid-day skin cancer session
chamoole:  lol
guest12:  i want to see his bikini line
chamoole:  eeeew
guest12:  i want to slather him with my babalicious oil of love
nicolletista:  my god levi–this CANNOT be the out-of-doors.  it’s a close upof a poster of a park, right?
palestine4ever:  Nope, that’s the legacy of the future Mrs. Ford
chamoole:  hahahahahhaha
nicolletista:  OK, then it’s a VIDEO of Luke outside, maybe in Australia years and years ago
palestine4ever:  Look at that.
palestine4ever:  It’s the middle of the day.
palestine4ever:  He has no money.
palestine4ever:  He has no prospect of employment.
nicolletista:  everyone knows Luke hasn’t left the hovel in years
nicolletista:  like that poor girl in Austria
palestine4ever:  And he’s tanning his pasty flesh.
nicolletista:  palestine4ever this is really shocking
palestine4ever:  Luke leaves his hovel, how else would he get those interviews?
palestine4ever:  I’ve seen the videos.
nicolletista:  btw your contributions are A+ in my book
nicolletista:  everything is done using the internet
nicolletista:  everything
palestine4ever:  "What crowd did you hang out with in high school?"
nicolletista:  except for what is done on telephone
palestine4ever:  Nicolletista, I’m just one man attempting to bring the truth of the Jews to this corner of the internet.
nicolletista:  you may be just one man, but your contribution is that of at least 1.3 men
palestine4ever:  I saw Luke lacked an anti-Semite in his inner circle. I saw a void and I rushed to fill it.
nicolletista:  c’mon pal, all of us jews are anti-semites too
palestine4ever:  It’s my way of giving back for the hours of riveting Jenna Jameson chats Luke has given me over the years.
nicolletista:  but i like the cut of your jib or whatever culturally appropriate boat works
palestine4ever:  It’s nothing that any of us couldn’t do with a few… years… of reading Stormfront
nicolletista:  someone has to–my DEEPEST regards
palestine4ever:  It’s hard but I carry on.
palestine4ever:  I feel a bit protective of Luke.
nicolletista:  me too, amigo
nicolletista:  the revdes is a dickhead
nicolletista:  at least gadol and amalek have useful suggestions
User guest21 changed their name to Mushtaka.
nicolletista:  mind you, levi isn’t going to take any of them
palestine4ever:  I sometimes wonder what kind of civilization wouldn’t have a role for a Luke Ford in it
palestine4ever:  Not one I want to live in, for sure.
nicolletista:  hell no…luke was born in a suit of ARMOR
palestine4ever:  Asalaam Aleikhum, Mushtaka
palestine4ever:  Nicolletista, do you know dashing Levi in real life?
nicolletista:  howdy mushtaka–this is the #1 arab jew-bashing chat room on the internet especially designs for jews, jeiwsh converts, fake jews, and the gentiles who love them
palestine4ever:  A chatroom for Jews by those who aren’t.
nicolletista:  pal, i have never met levi, but, like you i’m sure, i think of him as family
palestine4ever:  Pakis, by habit, are not usually ragheads.
palestine4ever:  They have a reputation as boylovers if you must know.
palestine4ever:  Not as bad as Afghans, but no better either.
Mushtaka:  explain ragheads?
chamoole:  a c**t who covers his head with a tea towell
Mushtaka:  oh no he’s  coming back
Mushtaka:  nice
palestine4ever:  A slur that the Jewish media forwards on the basis of Arabs wearing kaffiyeh
Mushtaka:  i have done this befoe
Mushtaka:  mostly when pissed

palestine4ever:  I never thought I’d say it, but wow are there a lot of crazies around you, Luke.
palestine4ever:  And again, the guy that posted a link to davidduke.com is the one saying this.
nicolletista:  he really is running some loop from 6 months ago
palestine4ever:  I think there’s like a 15 second delay which can be quite surreal
palestine4ever:  He’s putting on pants, at least.
Gina:  Luke is a Domestic Goddess in disguise
Gina:  Do you do windows?
nicolletista:  oh yes, i’m working on stories that i will sometime tell my unborn children, the Legends of YNG in the Chatroom.
palestine4ever:  He drinks out of a plastic jug, Gina.
palestine4ever:  Let’s not go too far.
Gina:  as long as he doesn’t pee in it as well
palestine4ever:  You never know.
palestine4ever:  Blogging = serious business.
nicolletista:  it’s an anti-woman force field gina–have you EXPERIENCED this disgusting practice?
nicolletista:  gina, luke left his hovel for the first time since the cowboys were eliminated in the playoffs.  p4e is quite right to point oout that we DO NOT KNOW if micturation in these bottles hasn’t at least occurred to him.
palestine4ever:  I mean, yellow water in, yellow water out?
palestine4ever:  That’s all I’m saying.
Gina:  floaters / sinkers….
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palestine4ever:  I’ll be honest: it occurs to every man once in awhile, when the urge strikes and the kitchen is closer than the bathroom
palestine4ever:  But most of us have this thing called "breeding"
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palestine4ever:  It’s what keeps us from relieving ourselves in the place where we keep our dishes
nicolletista:  and now we are back to another of levi’s problems
palestine4ever:  It forces us to USE CUPS.
Gina:  but do you pee in the showe?
Gina:  shower*
palestine4ever:  I do not!
palestine4ever:  But I admit it’s usually because of a slow drain rather than any civilized manners.
palestine4ever:  I mean there’s nothing worse than standing in an inch of urine, shower or not.
Gina:  unclog your drain…
palestine4ever:  But then my wife might pee in it.
palestine4ever:  We never had the "do you pee in the shower?" conversation.
palestine4ever:  I admit we were young and foolish and rushed into things.
Gina:  thats on my list of 1st date questions
palestine4ever:  Oh goodness
palestine4ever:  Levi, cover your mouth please!
palestine4ever:  There are females present here, and a Rabbi.
palestine4ever:  And a silent guy with an admirably Aryan name.
palestine4ever:  Luke, I have to be serious for a moment here.
palestine4ever:  We all can look back on life and see certain forks in the road.
nicolletista:  levi, good shabbos to you.  candle lighting 7:20. 
palestine4ever:  I would like to offer for your consideration one Nick Denton, like you a Commonwealth citizen, and also Gay.
palestine4ever:  He had a little blog named Gawker.
User guest31 left the room.
palestine4ever:  Today, he owns a veritable blog empire and you have a bunch of domains in your name run by someone else.
nicolletista:  it’s also yom ha shoah, or for p4e, yom holohoax.
palestine4ever:  Why did this happen, and what lessons can we draw from it?
YourMoralLeader:  What do you suggest?
palestine4ever:  Hail Victory, Nic. I’ll keep a bedsheet in your size handy.
nicolletista:  p4e, you’re the man, as we say around shul. 
palestine4ever:  I’m thinking that just about all of your additions to the Luke Ford Brand have been rather spammy.
palestine4ever:  Denton looks at demographic data and fills the niche.
palestine4ever:  Because it’s under the Denton Brand umbrella, people will automatically check it out.
User nicolletista left the room.
palestine4ever:  Like Valleywag — you could have done that.
palestine4ever:  They have a couple of talented people there but mostly they’re just regurgitating news from other blogs.
palestine4ever:  Few of any of those but Gawker actually come up with their own material.
palestine4ever:  They’re just, in the words of the immortal Jew-namer Alex Linder, just "spintros" in their own words.
YourMoralLeader:  hmm
YourMoralLeader:  why aren’t I rich?

palestine4ever:  If I could suggest, you’re chasing money first and content about fourth or fifth.
palestine4ever:  You could team up with a few people and spread out the Luke Ford Brand.
palestine4ever:  Instead, lukeford.net just changes with your present obsessions.
palestine4ever:  Like I think you could have spun off a media-navel-gazing site in the heyday of your Cathy/Matt Welch/Emmanuelle connections
palestine4ever:  those folks probably stopped reading you when you stopped excoriating journalists on a regular basis

RevDesmondFord:  what exactly did rabbi union have to say about you, son?
RevDesmondFord:  did he bring to light some issues regarding your credibility?
Gina:  she needles you
RevDesmondFord:  i see you are still sitting there, playing dress-up, but your cretinous sycophants seem to have disappeared.
Gina:  pour some sugar on me…
Gina:  and my tea
RevDesmondFord:  did you know that your creepy, leering face is a hideous sight, boy?
YourMoralLeader:  Hi dad
guest46:  who thinks Jesus had a female deciple?
YourMoralLeader:  me
RevDesmondFord:  why can’t you be more like your brother, Paul?
guest46:  who thinks he had more that 1#
guest46:  yeah i agree
RevDesmondFord:   I tried to steer my whelp clear of candy and sugar, but he wouldn’t listen. Sinkers every time.
RevDesmondFord:  no wonder he grew up to be a slimy pseudo-journalist and dedicated anti-semite.
YourMoralLeader:  Gina, you hot for my dad?
guest46:  is i possible to follow religion without reading the bible or "alternative" religious scriptures?
Gina:  no for your son
guest46:  well**
guest46:  follow religion propperly**
YourMoralLeader:  no
Gina:  and the holy spirit
RevDesmondFord:   What’s the problem, boy? Too busy diddling yourself on camera to respond?
YourMoralLeader:  Dad, I’d like you to be on my new reality show
RevDesmondFord:  Let’s talk about Rabbi Union.
mee:  LUKE you said you were going to shave , WHEN??????
guest46:  wot is the difference between religion and spiritualitty
RevDesmondFord:   Why don’t you tell us the story of your dealings with Laurie Zimmet, Dennis Parger’s assistant?
guest46:  dont shave
guest46:  the beard is kool
Gina:  gotta go… only want to desecrate you.. not the holy Sabbath
RevDesmondFord:  Laurie Zimmet was very accurate in her assessment of you.
Gina:  Happy Kiddush!!
RevDesmondFord:  as was Rabbi Union.
Gina:  Do me proud
Gina:  or just do me
RevDesmondFord:  and a number of others.
RevDesmondFord:   "Reality show." Like your "books," just self-made dung posted on YouTube. Ponce.
RevDesmondFord:  it seems your "fans" (all three of them) do not know the difference between "published author" and "SELF-published author" – which is to say, not an author at all.
mee:  you  are good looking without your furry face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RevDesmondFord:  isn’t that right, boy? SPEAK UP!
RevDesmondFord:   Looks like you’re rolling snake eyes with your ‘audience,’ boy.
RevDesmondFord:  the sight of you is repugnant.
User guest48 left the room.
RevDesmondFord:  i feel like i’ve turned over a rock and found a burst cane toad.
RevDesmondFord:   Holly Randall’s bum is as big as all outdooors, mate. Funny, she repudiates you now. In public.
mee:  LUKE what music are you playing???
User Gina left the room.
mee:  why cant you reply
mee:  LUKE
RevDesmondFord:  in all grave seriousness, son: why are you such a piece of S H I T?
RevDesmondFord:  My son’s taste in music is like his taste in most things: weak, pathetic and without understanding
RevDesmondFord:  Speak up, boy! It’s just you and me now!
mee:  BYE  LUKE thanks for the  reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RevDesmondFord:  It’s my boy’s ‘hee-hee" personality. He thinks he’s being coy. If I were there, I’d fetch him a clout to the noggin, I would.

YourMoralLeader:  I’m sure Rabbi Union would enjoy hearing from you.
RevDesmondFord:  Speak up, boy…if I were there, I’d ball up my fists and come at you like a fair-dinkum walleroo!
RevDesmondFord:  Speaking of Rabbi Union: he was fair-dinkum dead-on right about you, son.
RevDesmondFord:  and you know it.
RevDesmondFord:  speak up, marble-mouth!
RevDesmondFord:  Rabbi Union was right
RevDesmondFord:  because you are a fraud, boy.
RevDesmondFord:  Your anti-semitic agenda truly does make me ill.
RevDesmondFord:  do you really think that the approval and attention of other anti-semitic crackpots on the internet validates your rot?
RevDesmondFord:  you are one ugly sight, son.
YourMoralLeader:  hi emma
YourMoralLeader:  I missed you
Emma:  Hey
YourMoralLeader:  I feared you had left me forever
YourMoralLeader:  I was just stuck with my old dad
RevDesmondFord:   Ah, Emma. Have you ever had an enema of whole milk? Floaters every time!
Emma:  Har de har
RevDesmondFord:  But you don’t care about that, son…denigrating the jewish people is your life’s passion.
RevDesmondFord:  and why is that, you loathsome little c**t?
YourMoralLeader:  Rev Des, if Emma gives me the word, I’ll have to ban you.
RevDesmondFord:  why is it that denigrating the jewish people is your life’s chosen passion?
Emma:  Ah but you enjoy him Luke
YourMoralLeader:  I would miss him very much
Emma:  I wont take away your toys
YourMoralLeader:  but not as much as you
RevDesmondFord:  I’d have more respect for you if your need to play dress up involved wearing your dead mum’s panties….like you used to do.
RevDesmondFord:  here is my question for you, son:
RevDesmondFord:  do you find it pathetic that a mildly retarded girl on the internet is the closest thing you have to an actual relationship with a woman at over 40 years of age?
RevDesmondFord:  it seems my coward of a son will not answer any of the tough questions.
RevDesmondFord:  much like the mainstream reporters he envies – except they are actual writers.
RevDesmondFord:  only in the internet age would a worthless c**t like my son Luke Ford find an audience to appreciate his rot.
RevDesmondFord:  and i can see on his face that he knows this to be the truth.
RevDesmondFord:  Looks like the imbeciles are coming back, boy. That ought to set you right
RevDesmondFord:  fair-dinkum right. only on the internet.
RevDesmondFord:  What was that you said, boy? You don’t go "downtown" to use the modern sexual patois. You wrote that ‘most women smell funny down there?" More proof of your blatant poofery.
YourMoralLeader:  All I’m doing this weekend is the will of God.
russiandragon:  yeah
RevDesmondFord:  you f**king fraud.
Emma:  Whats that then Luke?
russiandragon:  that’s a good thing luke
YourMoralLeader:  whatever I like
RevDesmondFord:  your grasp of theology is very selective, isn’t it, boy?
russiandragon:  so you pretend to be god
Emma:  Whats whatever you like?
RevDesmondFord:  more of your megalomaniacal blather. do you find yourself witty?
RevDesmondFord:  Whacking off to a woman he’s met on the Internet, I’d wager…while thinking of Wayne Cherry.
Emma:  Apart from that…
russiandragon:  luke’s dad pls
RevDesmondFord:  my son is a true disappointment on all levels.
RevDesmondFord:   If God had a will, you wouldn’t be sucking oxygen, ponce.
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, I have nothing planned but shul maybe karaoke saturday night
RevDesmondFord:  maybe you should publish the address of your shul, as you did with Dennis Prager.
RevDesmondFord:  so i can come over there and enlighten your congregation as to your true nature.
RevDesmondFord:  that’d be fair-dinkum fair use, mate! it’s the internet age, you are a public figure and thus i can publish this information with impunity.
RevDesmondFord:  Interesting how you can talk to the borderline crowd, but when it’s just you and me, boy, you clam up tighter than Wayne Cherry’s rectum.
RevDesmondFord:  UNION WAS RIGHT.
User guest12 changed their name to LawrenceFlint.
RevDesmondFord:  Look a my fraud of a boy, pretending to be the dutiful Jew.
RevDesmondFord:   My boy feels ABBA is "too rock and roll" for his taste.
russiandragon:  be proud of your son rev
RevDesmondFord:  I’ll never forgive him for using my Bubble Puppy album as a tea tray.
RevDesmondFord:  it was shortly after that incident that he gave his mum cancer.
LawrenceFlint:  Did you ever catch him engaged in the sin of Onan?
RevDesmondFord:  There he was, daintily sipping tea with his pinkie extended. I clouted him a good one on the side of the head and ended that. But my Bubble Puppy album was ruined.
YourMoralLeader:  Strawberry Fields, Emma
Emma:  Beatles..
RevDesmondFord:  I caught him slipping under the piss-rotted iron door of the school’s lavatory to engage in some boy-on-boy frottage with Wayne Cherry.
LawrenceFlint:  Rev, Luke has a plan that will make him a wealthy and famous man.  When that day comes, you will come knocking on his door asking for money
RevDesmondFord:  Luke doesn’t approve of the Beatles. They took drugs, so Luke couldn’t get past that. Ponce.
RevDesmondFord:  Son, how do you justify your self-righteous "moral leader" act in light of your own glaring hypocrisy and morally reprehensible actions?
YourMoralLeader:  it’s fun?
YourMoralLeader:  I met Emma!

RevDesmondFord:  about as much fun as a gut full of pinworms.
RevDesmondFord:  Here comes the "hee–hee" personality… it’s not funny or cute, boy.
Emma:  hehe
RevDesmondFord:  The day my son makes any money is the day the world ends.
russiandragon:  maybe it will end sooner than you think
LawrenceFlint:  Luke is soon going to have his own TV series
RevDesmondFord:  so how about it, son? give us the address of your synagogue. i’ll pop round to see you. it’s public information, and you are a "public figure," so it’s fair-dinkum fair use to publish that information! I’m going to do some DIGGING, mate, and when i find
RevDesmondFord:  what i’m looking for, it’s on the internet.
RevDesmondFord:   I’d like to do a tap-dance on my boy’s face with a pair of track spikes.
LawrenceFlint:  Luke attends a Satmar temple
RevDesmondFord:  Tell us about Laurie Zimmet, son.
RevDesmondFord:   Better still, tell us about Jeff Wald. You know, the part where you took his son’s drawing off his desk.
YourMoralLeader:  Was that wrong?
LawrenceFlint:  Who is Laurie Zimmet?
YourMoralLeader:  Laurie and I, that was a sad breakup. Lost all my friends.
YourMoralLeader:  Prager’s assistant.
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, been playing your myspace page over and over since you been gone
YourMoralLeader:  Love Kelly Clarkson
Emma:  Bad habbit Luke
RevDesmondFord:   Or you antagonized him to the point where he went apoplectic…and you became "deadly scared."
RevDesmondFord:  : Poor Luke…he betrays his "friends" and then laments when they desert him for the creep he is.
RevDesmondFord:  Tell us more about Laurie Zimmet. What was her objection to you again?
RevDesmondFord:  my son is so morally righteous that he needs teen girls on the internet to plead his cause.
RevDesmondFord:  Why did Laurie Zimmet object to you, son?
RevDesmondFord:  My boy’s a grown man. He knows the difference between right and wrong.
RevDesmondFord:  That he wilfully chooses to be a fraudulent creep is not my responsibility.
YourMoralLeader:  Her objection was that I betrayed her friendship by writing about her boss Dennis prager.
RevDesmondFord:  but Luke would rather blame anyone but himself for his failure in life.
RevDesmondFord:  there goes my son, braying like a fair-dinkum jackdaw.
RevDesmondFord:  Of course, not one of you nitwits can discern a Rufus Thomas reference. Least of all my ignoramus of a son.
RevDesmondFord:  Rufus Thomas is almost as entertaining as some of our most comical abos.
User guest55 left the room.
RevDesmondFord:  let’s talk about your deranged anti-semitic obsession with judaism, Luke.
RevDesmondFord:  better yet, let’s meet at your synagogue and talk about it. what is the address? it’s public information!
RevDesmondFord:  Son, you remind me of a fair-dinkum fairy penguin…but without the charm. All you’ve got is the annoying, braying call.
RevDesmondFord:   My boy is a tedious little p r i c k. A pack of dingos displays more smarts.
RevDesmondFord:  let’s talk about your deranged anti-semitic obsession with Judaism, Luke.
YourMoralLeader:  Yes, let’s.
YourMoralLeader:  Coz they killed Jesus, dad.
YourMoralLeader:  They deserve it.
RevDesmondFord:  when you publicly defame the Jews, does it make you feel like a "rebel," a fair-dinkum s**t-stirrer? of course it does. but i wonder how those at your synagogue might feel about it.
YourMoralLeader:  hmm
YourMoralLeader:  I wonder?
RevDesmondFord:  what is the address again?
RevDesmondFord:  it’s public information! fair use, mate!
RevDesmondFord:   In three years, we’ll see my boy trying to honk me off again by taking on the role of a passive homosexual. He’ll trade in the Jewish costume for one that’s more flamboyant. Maybe something with an ascot.
RevDesmondFord:  "they killed jesus," says my creep of a son. so much for his extensive studies of theology.
YourMoralLeader:  lol
RevDesmondFord:  "They deserve it," says my s**thead son.
RevDesmondFord:  i will punch your f**king lights out, boy.
RevDesmondFord:  actual diary of Luke Ford:
RevDesmondFord:  " "I’m here to defame the Jews, mate. They denied my attempts to convert, so I must destroy them. I haven’t been that iirritated since Gavin Brown didn’t invite me to his party."
YourMoralLeader:  where did you get that?

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