JConnectLA’s Friday Night Dinner Features Special Guest Speaker Eva Braun On “Living Life After The Holocaust”

Click here to see the flyer.

Conventional history depicts Eva Braun as Hitler’s witless girlfriend who committed suicide with him in the bunker in 1945.

JConnectLA has discovered the rest of the story.

Yes, Eva did die with Adolf that despairing Spring day, but she was recently resurrected so she could speak Friday night on "Living Life After The Holocaust."

I don’t want to miss this. Thirty six dollars seems like a small price to pay for this historic moment.

I hope Eva will take questions about resurrection.

I hope she will dress tznious.




Eva Braun with her sister Gretl. I’m not sure if Gretl will be at JConnectLA Friday night.

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Why is it that the hottest women usually turn out to be Nazis?

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