No Lady Fingers For Passover

From chaptzem:

Companies that produce strictly Kosher for Pesach baked products are no longer producing lady fingers. The companies have now renamed the product to either ‘Baby Fingers’ or ‘Fingers’ as not to create an association between their product and the female gender, which may cause male customers to have impure thoughts.

Anon posts:

Isn’t this the same stuff that the priest passes out right after Catholic mass?
I’m ashamed to admit it but after a few boxes of Baby Fingers I developed a taste for human flesh. I also developed a belief that the Rebbe is Moshiach including a tourettes-like syndrome with a yell of "Yechi" every five minutes.
The stuff was produced in Crown Heights. I should have checked the box but now its too late. If only had I had been more careful….
Yechi !!
Yechi !!

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