My Shopping Misadventures

I’m not very good at real life. In 1984 at age 18, I bought some slip-on dress shoes that I thought I could use for work. They turned out to be slippers. I went walking down the street and people asked me why I was wearing slippers.

My sleep doctor wants me to wear sunglasses if I use the computer or watch TV after 10 p.m.

So I go into Walgreens tonight on Pico and Robertson and look at the sunglasses and they all look girly.

I select a pair and take them to the young male clerk and ask him if guys can wear these.

“Well, they have a flower on them,” he said.

I looked more closely at the sunglasses and yes, there was a flower on the side of each glass.

“Either that or it’s an exploding grenade,” he said.

I flushed. I felt such deep shame at my incompetence.

I went back to the rack and selected some glasses without a flower.

“I think these will be better for you,” he said.

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