Brady Westwater Tells LA Times Editor Russ Stanton He Has A ‘Serial Fabricator’ On Staff

I videotaped the whole evening. It’s available here.

Though Brady Westwater did not say the name of the fabricator (Brady’s word, not mine) publicly, he means reporter Ari B. Bloomekatz who Brady says consistently makes whopping errors and writes from a left-wing agenda.

Stanton was a big hit with the 100-person crowd at the Los Angeles Press Club Thursday night. He arrived early, about 6:15 pm, and I got to chat with him before the program.

When he saw my name tag, Stanton said, "Luke Ford! There’s a familiar name."

At the end of the night, Amy Alkon told him he should hire me to write a gossip column.

Stanton said something about watching out for libel suits.

I’ve only had five, Russ!

The new editor of the TImes has great people skills. People were pushing stuff on him all night and he never let it faze him. This 24yo kid asked him for help getting a sportswriter job and Russ promised to help.

I didn’t hear a negative word about Russ Stanton all night and this is the LA Press Club where we devour our own for fun!

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