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Satmarer Chosid emails:

There are three elected rabbiin the Chabad community in Crown Heights Brooklyn. Traditionally every year the three rabbis shared the "business" of selling the Chometz where the community members give money to the rabbi as a service charge for selling their Chometz.

This year a major feud developed between the rival rabbis.

At the grand central gathering (farbrengen) at "770", the incumbent Rabbi Osdoba complained bitterly that he was losing most of his Mechiras Chometz Business to his two rival members of the same Beis Din of Crown Heights, Rabbi Schwei and….

CLI (Congregation Lubavitch Inc.) filed an appeal to not be evicted by Aguch and Merkos
Aguch and Merkos filed a reply to this appeal about 10 days earlier.
Now, (on the day of Bedikas Chometz) 4/17/08, CLI filed the final reply back against Aguch and Merkos.
This is now the final round of papers to be filed and the next step is a calender date by the court of appeals.
Both sides have strong arguments but looking through the final round of papers filed, filed at Bediaks Chometz, by the Meshichisten, it seems that they have such strong arguments that they are sure to win on appeal.
Most recent papers filed by CLI at Bedikas Chometz:: Actually filed in court (date is on last page of PDF) on Apr 17 2008
Prior papers filed by Aguch and Merkos about two weeks earlier: (actually filed in court (date is on last page of PDF) Apr 7 2008

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