What will they think of next?

Here’s an excerpt: “This is quite a unique site that deals with frum orthodox jews and sexuality. Often times, if not always, this part is not discussed. Or its discussed in negative terms.We believe that this is incorrect, and sex is not against religion, but instead supports it. As we see from recent examples from everyday life, frum people who live in Brooklyn, Boropark, or in Monsey, are very similar to their secular brethen. We also want to mention, that this site has nothing to do with David Frum, though we like his ‘axis of evil’ phrase.”

I was shocked and appalled when I looked at this site and wanted nothing to do with it. I could barely make myself write about it. Shouldn’t some things be private? Do we have to dirty the most holy things? Oy, what will the goyim say?

I know that when I get married, relations will be special in a way that secular people will never understand.

Al email: “Putting kerchiefs on non-Jewish actresses does not make them frum Jewish women. Of all people, you should have recognized that the women in the videos are not what they purport to be.”

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