Chabadniks Celebrate Rebbe’s 106th Birthday

Satmarer Chasid emails:

Last night the Chabadsker Meshichisten made a "Birthday Party" for their Rebbe’s (in his grave since 5754) 106th birthday!
The arrogant Lubavitcher Shliach, and Askan, Rabbi Sholom Kalmonson, Shliach in Cincinnati Ohio, speaks at the Yud Alef Nissan farbrengen in 770 Eastern Parkway, Lubavitch Headquarters, saying with Chutzpah:
"If not for the LUBAVITCH Rebbe there would be no Yiddishkeit in America today."
He also claims with Chutzpah that Lubavitch is always "in the lead" and anyone who speaks of moshiach today is only copying Lubavitch who "invented the concept" of eminah in moshiach.
He is from the meshigine meshichisten who is telling the oilem mussar that they are not believing enough in their rebbe that he is moshiach for real!
Watch this video [from]. I find it very funny, amusing and chutzpadik for chabadsker to talk like this.

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