Neither A Pupil Nor A Friend

That’s going to be the title of my next memoir.

If you want the back story to this phrase from Dennis Prager, read this.

Sorry, Dennis, but I’m making a withdrawal from my moral bank account.

No ATM fees!

Let the healing begin!

A friend calls and intones "Neither a friend nor a pupil. We should make a Hard Rock song of that and perform it at the kibbutz room at Cantor’s Deli. You’ll play drums. Another song — The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism. We’ll go through a whole list of questions. Is your cock cut or not? I’ve got eight more questions, motherf——! Is treasure buried under your bed, you Jew? I’ve got seven more questions."

Luke: "How about, ‘Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism.’"

Friend: "That’ll be another one. That’ll be our love song like on Lite FM. ‘Why the Jews? They said you poisoned the well. The only thing you ever poisoned was my heart.’

"He’ll be like the Barry Gordie (the founder Motown Records) of our little empire. We’ll be the Supremes to his Barry Gordie."

"I see the headline: ‘Neither a pupil nor a friend accused of check kiting in moral bank account scandal!’"

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