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Timothy Venture writes:

An education in theology can end in anything from an Associates Degree to a Bachelors Degree to a Masters Degree to a Doctorate. So, in other words, this field of study is basically the same as any other where aspirations and requirements are concerned.

The Past, The Present and The Future

The concept of leaving home to go off to college is still viable these days. But presently many other options exist where an individual’s options for the future are concerned.

Many prestigious colleges and universities remain stable, accredited and more than happy to accept enrollment presently. And this traditional approach to education is definitely a viable means to an end. However, in today’s world of near-instant electronic communication and general information transference, it should be understood that other options are currently available.

Think from Home as You Roam

Given the past decade’s advent of internet access available to most every American household, an education acquired through online theology schools should be the first thing an aspiring student considers before looking at other options.

In the past, online schools were considered as laughable as fly-by-night correspondence educations. But today education acquired via the internet has become not only acceptable, but often applauded by many, due to its time and money saving nature…along with the notion that such semi-self taught courses of study show a student’s self-motivational personality traits.

Further, it should be realized that most every educational institution worth its salt currently offers degrees that can be acquired (at least in part) via their online schools and courses of study. And it should be realized further still that no stigma is attached to earning credits by these means.

In other words, degrees achieved via online theology schools are not typically set apart in any way from those earned by living in a dorm on campus, eating cafeteria food and spending more time than necessary in your studies while over-paying for basic creature comforts.

Scour The Internet

Trips to the neighborhood library are no longer necessary to research theology schools online (or online schools in general). So if your schedule doesn’t allow hanging out at the local “tome vault” you can easily do research from home.

However, when employing the internet to do any type of research it’s important to consider the source. For example, know if you’re reading materials from “Saul’s House of Skoolz” or from a proven and respectable leader in information such as “The Jewish Theological Seminary”.

More Specific Info For Finding Online Theology Schools

Where online theology schools are concerned, the internet is rife with information concerning studies in the Christian faith. But where Judaic systems of belief are involved, the pickin’s are a bit slimmer. (However, any faith-based educational systems within online schools are plentiful…just not as likely to be found as easily.)

All this being noted you’d be well-advised to do your educational research by employing more specified search engine terms than usual. For example, as opposed to simply typing “online theology schools” into a search engine’s criteria, you might instead employ phrases such as “Judaic studies”, “virtual Jewish studies”, etc.

Otherwise (for those of you as lazy as myself), you might first choose to check-out these pre-searched sites:


This has been put forth by one of the most respected universities in the United States.


This site is based out of Princeton University, which is considered as Albert Einstein’s final educational home.


Also from the Ivy League, Yale University is not an institution to be ignored.

These three aforementioned schools offer a great number of resources online, but to a large part are still somewhat lacking in providing an entire degree program in theological studies through internet access. So if you’re looking to complete a degree in this area completely online, you might consider instead:




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