Shira Lazar Hosts Two New Shows On KNBC TV Saturday Night

I interviewed her this afternoon at the Sunset-Gower studios. Video

Here’s the press release.

Shira was very excited to be interviewed by me. Somehow, she held her emotions in check, though sometimes they shone through.

After she walked me down to the reception desk, she turned to hug me.

I froze.

Then we did this awkward dance. I gave her hand the briefest of shakes and then pantomined a hug.

"You’re Orthodox?" she said.

"No, just awkward," I thought.

Max emails: "Luke, did you make the move on that chic? She looked sexy in your photos, so I invested time in watching the videos. Kind of disapointing. What kind of rude —- takes phone calls and checks her cell phone during an interview? especially one that’s on camera?"

I met Shira Oct. 25 at the book release party for Michael Grecco’s Naked Ambition:

Mark Lazar and his daughter Shira Lazar Mark Lazar and his daughter Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar

Entertainment personality Shira Lazar is the brightest light at the party.

Shira blogs:

Last night, things got frisky at the launch party for Michael Grecco’s NAKED AMBITION. The art photography book is an "R-rated look" at the adult entertainment industry. My Hollywood Life editor, Rob Hill, wrote the book. I got to meet some interesting folks like Diablo and Kitty, creators and stars of GIMPSGONEWILD.COM

No joke – this husband and wife team make $50,000 a month with their hot disabled site. Hmmm… maybe I’m in the wrong industry? Haha.

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