Aish Ha Torah Los Angeles – So Successful No One Goes There Anymore

I was chatting with a friend and asking him about Aish. "I don’t know," he said. "I don’t know anyone who goes there. Nobody does. They shut themselves off from the rest of the community. It’s a weird culty place."

Maybe but I’ve never experienced the love and passion I found at Aish from 1994-98 anywhere else. It’s a special place. A Godly place. A passionate place. It’s charedi. It’s not Modern Orthodox. It makes Jews Jewish. It’s a machine. It’s a system. It’s a system that works if you’re prepared to go whole hog with your Torah.

What’s going on with Anshe Emes? What happened to their building drive? I guess there’s no money or drive in that shul. A lot of people highly dedicated to Torah. It’s friendly. When I davened there on Friday nights, I was always set up with a place for dinner. Always. And I’m a rasha. Imagine what you could experience at Anshe if you were a righteous man.

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