Re: Rav Daniel Arnall, Rav Abner Weiss

Gadi Shapiro ( emails from the Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council about this post: Rav Daniel Arnall is not only one of the brightest intellectual rabbinic lights among the modern orthodox in LA (whenever I needed to borrow a copy of Techumin, a major Israeli Rabbinate publication on new halachic decisions relating to modernity) I had to borrow his copies, because no one else subscribed. Rather than social climb (and fail) by attempting to ingratiate yourself to the Rich Elite at YICC and Beth Jacob, you should have spent the last decade humble and quiet at Rav Arnall’s modest table. More important, your comments about Rav Abner Weiss were simply appalling and fed the divorce-phobia that corrupts Modern Orthodoxy as a cancer. It was Avrohom Union, when we contacted the RCC and requested discussion with its members –particularly its divorced members — who quipped in sarcasm that no member of the RCC would ever be divorced. There is an intelligent approach to 17% (and growing) of your population, and the majority of the American population today. Your comments regarding Rav Weiss cannot be excused under any cloak of journalism. As IFRAC, we demand a public apology on line on your site.

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