What Do Men Want?

On his radio show Wednesday, Dennis Prager said: A man needs most from a woman in a relationship is to be admired. Not loved. You love a puppy, but you don’t admire a puppy. You love your children, but you may or may not admire your children.

The reason the denial of sex is so terrible to a man is not primarily the biological deprivation, but he translates it in his mind as a lack of taking him seriously, a lack of admiration and love.

There is really only one thing that can not be overcome by most men in a marriage — being held in contempt by his wife.

My father was married to my mother for 69 years, 73 years together. Always, it was a sort of mantra that my father would say, ‘Your mother puts me on a pedestal. That’s what every woman needs to do for her man.’

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