I Am Home From My Surgery

Surgery went fine. Surgeon recommended against fixing deviated septum, too minor, just did some other tweaks so i can breathe easier.

Now I just have to stay off the coke for six weeks. I am live on my cam, hoping to milk this moment for all the attention i can get.

I have to abstain from strenuous activity for two weeks so I guess that means no yoga and no doing the Jean-Louis move in Alexander Technique (standing at the end of a table and reaching down over someone’s head and chest to help promote width in their lower back, this fancy pants move requires that I tuck in my beard, my shirt and my belly).

I’d probably be feeling a helluva lot better right now if the Dallas Cowboys had only won their game yesterday.

I do have some vicodin by prescription and am willing to share it with those close female friend who stop by on a mission of mercy.

Rabbi Rabbs was a total mentch, picking up my pain meds, and driving me home from hospital.

Chaim Amalek emails:

1. When you go to shul, insist that you are feeling fine — even if you are feeling fine.
2. If you don’t need all that vicodin, dude, this is where Craigslist really shines. Post an ad saying you have all of this prescription pain killer that you really don’t need, but you could use some comely female companionship. The resulting correspondence should yield laughs aplenty. Just don’t actually meet any of these women.
3. Figure out what you take to be a treat, preferably one that is affordable, and treat yourself to it.
4. Invite people to visit you. Let them feel like trash if they do not.
5. Date excuse: “I need a distraction right now. Don’t worry, I’m harmless, as my doctor warned me against any strenuous activity. I just need a bit of company.”

Feel well soon. But try to milk it as long as possible.

Saturday night. My surgery was for Turbinate Reduction. I spent the last half of Friday swabbing blood out of my nose but the bleeding has mainly stopped now. Got some sponge in my nose which will come out Friday.

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