A Torah Perspective On The 2010 Elections

Join Rabbi Rabbs and me for the most comprehensive election coverage anywhere! I have 53 Vietnamese immigrants compiling and analyzing the latest polling data with the trusty help of a dozen nuns and Mormon missionaries.

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ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Big night for the Jews or not?
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: But for those lame tea party types the Republicans nominated in places like Delaware, they’d be in the majority in the senate
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Not that it makes any difference.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: America needs nationalism.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: And some enlightened socialism.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: I’m thinking of starting an American National Socialist Workers Party that’s good for the Jews.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: ANSWP or NSAWP — which sounds better?
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Our song will use the music, but not the lyrics of the Hoerst Wessel Song.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Because the Germans had the best music.
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Also a new religion. In this religion’s heaven, the American worker, upon his death, goes to a cross between the World’s Biggest Walmart and a really good Applebees
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: Where is is served by dead bankers
ButIsItGoodForTheJews: It will be a hit in heaven!

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