Is It Weird To Sit At Home On A Saturday Night And Wait To Be Complimented On My Homeless Appearance?

From my live cam chat:

guest21:  Even KSEX is better than this. And they are off the air.
GROVER:  u frm  texas els?
ElShaddai:  Yes I am Grover
ElShaddai:  I love the dry heat
ElShaddai:  It reminds me of the Promised Land
GROVER:  ok so ur not frm texas
ElShaddai:  what is this- opposite day?
ElShaddai:  I left Cali behind
ElShaddai:  like Soddom and Gommorah
ElShaddai:  Like Luke left porn, so went I
guest32:  Dude, you look like an escaped mental patient. Sorry, but it’s true.
ElShaddai:  on a dusty roadside
ElShaddai:  the road to Damascus
GROVER:  deja vu els
guest25:  pensive tonight
ElShaddai:  did we meet on the road to Damascus Grover?
guest25:  smile…. please 🙂
GROVER:  never been to isreal els
ElShaddai:  Luke vanity will be your undoing
YourMoralLeader:  true
guest32:  Is this what a crisis of faith has delivered you to?
guest33:  I mean no disrespect sir, but I can hear you, I was wondering if you might say something
guest25:  no snacks?
User YHWH left the room.
YourMoralLeader:  yes 32
YourMoralLeader:  no snacks
YourMoralLeader:  i’m full
guest25:  of what?
guest32:  Staying at home on a Friday night, waiting for someone to praise you based on your homeless style appearance?
YourMoralLeader:  You’re probably wondering why I asked you all here tonight?
YourMoralLeader:  yes!
User zenmanxpt changed their name to YHWH.
GROVER:  that the best u  can do els?
guest33:  Yes, I heard that. Wasn’t that Mike and the Mechanics?
YHWH:  why have you asked us here?
ElShaddai:  Whatcha mean Grover? I can do all things
YourMoralLeader:  I have a message
GROVER:  hahaha
YourMoralLeader:  I want to make you fisher of men
guest32:  Pull the other one PLEASe
ElShaddai:  you shoiuld be that fisher, Luke
YourMoralLeader:  Go forth and preach the gospel of Luke!
guest32:  holy s**t
ElShaddai:  whya rent you?
User guest28 left the room.
YHWH:  ok that was funny luke
YHWH:  the gospel of luke
ElShaddai:  the Gospel of Luke … oh vey
YHWH:  well give us the gospel
GROVER:  i reeled im in 4 ya luke
YHWH:  if you want attention you have to get back into porn
YourMoralLeader:  thanks grover
guest32:  He laughs, he spaeks, but does he have an opinion tonite?
guest25:  fluke
guest25:  gone fishing
YourMoralLeader:  is that wrong?
YourMoralLeader:  should i embrace my wounded inner child and how?
YHWH:  you speak a lot abotu morality, yet you never hold forth on moral matters
YHWH:  why are you not more like YOUR moral leader and windbag Dennis Praeger
User guest34 changed their name to nanostep.
GROVER:  give example  yh
ElShaddai:  only when he posts his own opinion will he become a moral leader
ElShaddai:  right now he is the leading cut and paster
YHWH:  how the hell did you talk them into letting you convert
GROVER:  and get  a real name yh
guest32:  Ok, counting hits for a night or two is one thing, but speak or be ridiculed ENDLESSLY. Oh wait, you already are. Never mind….
nanostep:  is there audio? say something… test test test
YHWH:  more Air Supply!
nanostep:  the audio quality is crappy unless you are close up
guest25:  more carpenters
ElShaddai:  we hear you- as I heard you at prayer earlier
nanostep:  did you return that other web cam?
ElShaddai:  and the answer is still no
YHWH:  thank you luke
YHWH:  all i need is youtoo
guest33:  You mustrealize, that having a live streaming web cam, such as you do, you are bound to get a bail load of disbelievers. That being said, how do you deal with it? I mean besides God’s word. If you don’t mind my asking, whatdo you get from this?
nanostep:  do you deserve a "miracle?" have you earned it? 
guest25:  I believe
YHWH:  he has a narcissistic personality disorder
ElShaddai:  guest33 he gets attention
ElShaddai:  and all Luke needs is attention
YourMoralLeader:  true
ElShaddai:  he craves it
guest25:  he deserves it!
nanostep:  he’s no a narcissist… he’s just bored
GROVER:  its his site 33 he can do what he wants
ElShaddai:  in fact this is as interested in anything as he gets- us talking about him
nanostep:  that
YHWH:  well said ES
ElShaddai:  he cares about no other subjet
nanostep:  he doesn’t have NPD…
YHWH:  you notice he’s not disagreeing
nanostep:  I’m sure he has a public persona…
guest33:  I certainly meant no disrespect, I just prefer Genesis to Mike and the Mechanics
ElShaddai:  no- he does not
GROVER:  only fools argue with fools
ElShaddai:  his public persona is sit in a corner and read eggheaded books

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