Amalek Addresses Brains and Breasts

Chaim Amalek emails: There can be no leveling of opportunity and outcome without class-miscegenation on a massive scale, and the cognitive elite’s very existence is pushing us in the opposite direction. Time for a governmental intervention. At least some of the men who belong to this elite value big tits more than they do high SAT scores. So why not offer free boob jobs to low-scoring women who want to marry “up”, IQ-wise? There is no better form of socialism than for a prosperous and brainy man to marry a less intelligent but pretty woman with big tits. She gains a lifestyle superior to that which she’d otherwise likely know, her kids end up smarter, and he gets a wife with big tits. Everyone gains. As for brainy women, they can always use sperm banks to make super-brainy kids. And these operations likely would be performed by a profession that is disproportionately Jewish. In other words, not only would this program be good for the nation, it would be good for the Jews.

Slam dunk.

Khunrum emails: However the two Plastic Surgery capitols of the world are Thailand and South Korea with Thailand having a slight edge. There is big money in Medical Tourism. Take a nice holiday and have a world class tit job besides. Maybe a face lift. Perhaps a boob job and a face life..the entire package as it were. Why you can even go over and man and come back a woman.

JEFF EMAILS: I am all for this proposal for the short term, get me my babe now! However, keep in mind that thanks to annoying things like biology and the Hardy-Weinberg principle (it is always the Jews to blame!), eugenics doesn’t work. If all our scientists would get to procreate with Carrie Prejeans, etc, the major outcome would be that Jewish families will then have to deal with the same meth problems as the rest of the USA.

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