Child Abuse At Yeshiva of Spring Valley

Email: “These are my pics of him. I had him fired in 08. I am trying to get him publicized. He is still free as a bird with no one stopping him and needs to go down until someone within the statute of limitations is willing to talk and have him put away. Wall of shame. How many victims? Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is right!

Joe emails: Do you know about E. who was also fired by YSV, also without chodesh l’shanah, for molesting. It happened this spring just a few weeks before the end of the school year. All of Monsey was buzzing about it.

What does chodesh l’shanah mean? Literally, “a month for a year.” At least 3 decades ago Moshe Feinstein ruled that a yeshiva rebbie could assume that the customary terms of employment (in N America) included severance of one month for each year worked (unless he quit). This ruling is accepted throughout most of the ortho world except chasidic world where they have ruled that this is not assumed upon hiring.

In any event, according to one source, when R. Abrahamson was sacked, Shmuel Kamenetsky backed the yeshiva in denying him any severance.

Barring things like sex abuse yeshiva teachers practically have tenure and are very hard to fire, again in part, because of rulings by Feinstein. That was how Aaron Shechter and Chaim Berlin were declared lo tzayis dinah (in contempt of a bes din ruling). They tried to fire someone who was not willing to go. Technically they are still in contempt and they owe him salary now for something like 20 years.

This is the case of Shlomo Carlebach (a chareidi cousin of the singer). UOJ posted it. It is a hot potato because Shechter sits on the moetzes and everyone there makes believe like they believe in beit din and revere Moshe Feinstein. Shechter is also the nutcake who backed sending that kid to the concentration camp in Jamaica, Tranquility Bay.

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