Bnai David-Judea Is Where The Women Are – And Some Of Them May Be Eager To Meet You

More attractive young single women go to Bnai David-Judea and the Happy Minyan than any other synagogue in zip code 90035 (Pico/Robertson). While Beth Jacob, Mogen David and Young Israel of Century City are deserts, Bnai David is a dessert with a thriving program for youngies called "chaverim". Check out the learning sessions for prayer and Talmud if you want to connect.

YICC and Beth Jacob have Young Professionals minyans on Shabbos morning but these don’t get many single females.

Aish Ha Torah is great at outreach and gets some singles.

I don’t know why Beth Jacob is not succeeding with singles. They have a young charismatic rabbi and a bunch of young couples.

Chabad has single young women but they marry quickly and only to hardcore Chabad guys.

JConnectLA throws the best singles events for Los Angeles Orthodox Jews.

Sinai Temple’s ATID program throws great events for the less observant.

Beth Am attracts much of the American Jewish University crowd, including many singles (particularly at the Shlomo-Carlebach-style Neshama minyan Friday evenings).

Pico Joe emails: "Whatever happened to that website ShiksasAreForPractice? Even without a web site, this city is in need of an arangement like that where any jew can be on a list and then fool around with another jew on the list. That will help everyone stay in the faith. I’m sure many will sign up for it if it’s legit. Luke can you try to arrange such a thing for the Pico Robertson Hood, it will make you the hero. Get some female you know to launch it. Your name won’t be attached. You will only be getting the benefits of getting laid all the time. Nothing less, nothing more."

Can’t see the rabbis going for it. I couldn’t go for it either. I’m not innocent, but I couldn’t endorse a program for fooling around. The point is to get married. No sex outside of marriage can be holy.

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