Anderson Cooper Stunned By Cost Of Hookers These Days

I love it how TV news people always pretend to above sexual sin and pretend to have no knowledge of porn and prostitutes and wild illicit sex.

Gawker nails it:

Coquettish Anderson Cooper of CNN sat down with a former pimp, who gently walked the delicate anchor through the process of making money as a high-priced hooker, and left Cooper floored over how much money can be made as a prostitute. The pimp told Cooper exactly how fun whoring can be for all involved, how high-class prostitution is not nearly as exploitive as low-rent sex, and how there’s not much difference between $1,000-per-hour call girls vs. $4,000 per-hour call girls. When the discussion turned to money, the Coop got a little flustered: "That’s a lot of money for, fuh… for an hour — uh, it surprised me." Anderson, everyone understands you have a job to do. There’s no need to be embarrassed just because it sounds like you already knew something about hooker pricing. After all, it’s not like you’re keeping some big sexual secret from the world.

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