Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Friends Rush To Her Defense

From the New York Daily News:

As the brunette beauty who toppled Eliot Spitzer remained holed up in her apartment, friends said there were no signs the young woman peddled her own flesh.

"She’s a sweet person," Logan, a Queens rapper told the Daily News. "She’s a good person. She’s friendly. She’s outgoing."

Logan met Ashley Alexandra Dupré, 22, about three years ago and only knew the Jersey Shore runaway as an aspiring musician. He had no clue she was also "Kristen," whom Spitzer allegedly paid $4,300 for sex at the luxury Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

The 32-year-old Queens rapper said Dupré was stunning and kind. He also claimed she had pipes like Mariah Carey.

"One day we were out eating," he recalled. "And she saved the food just to give it to a homeless guy on the way home."

Logan appeared on the Today Show Thursday morning with another hip-hop pal, Mysterious. Both said they met Dupré through a music producer and collaborated with Dupré in the studio. The Queens men declined to give their full names.

"You know we got your back," Mysterious told the News after the television spot. "You’re our little sister."

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