Ahead Of Time – The Life Of Ruth Gruber

Ruth Gruber was the youngest person to earn a PhD, at age 20 in 1931 (and as an American in Germany no less!). She was also the first journalist to explore the Soviet Arctic at age 24.

A participant in a secret war-time mission to escort Holocaust refugees for President Roosevelt and on the scene to report on the infamous Exodus ship’s attempt to reach Palestine with Jewish refugees. Her photos informed the world.

AHEAD OF TIME, the directorial debut of award-winning cinematographer Bob Richman (September Issue, An Inconvenient Truth) relates the remarkable real-life journey of Ruth Gruber, a spirited woman who rejected the gender boundaries of her generation – leaving Brooklyn for studies in Berlin, where she witnessed the rise of Nazism and began documenting her observations. An impassioned foreign correspondent, she began her illustrious career with the New York Herald Tribune, is the award-winning author of 19 books and even had tea with Virginia Woolf!

President Harry Truman told Ruth Gruber in 1946 that all the problems in the Middle East were because of oil and–64 years later–things haven’t changed.

The trailer for this film can be seen here: http://aheadoftimethemovie.com

The film received write-ups in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, LA Weekly and the Jewish Journal.

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