Celebrating The Attack On Jerusalem Yeshiva

From a comment to NYCIndymedia.org:

Come dance

In front of the Israeli Consulate in downtown San Francisco

Friday, March 7th, 2008

4:00 – 7:00 PM

In front of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco

456 Montgomery St.

(at Montgomery & California Streets)

(4 blocks north from the Montgomery Bart station)

San Francisco

UM posts: "In light of todays massacre at the school in Jerusalem, may I humbly suggest we postphone this? Deliberately gunning down a school library makes us seem less than er…progressive."

"Some Palestinians who are shown on the news celebrated the shooting yesterday, but what is seen on the news is what makes for good TV since showing people not celebrating is less exciting and hard to film. The same was true of the Goldstein killing. The news reports demonizing all Palestinians for celebrating are racist in the same way that a distortion of how some settlers celebrated Goldsteins killings was portrayed in a way that demonized all settlers or all Israelis in an antiSemitic fashion."

NotTheSame posts: "The difference is that thousands are celebrating and that Hamas called this a heroic act, and promised more.

Whats heroic about mowing down high school students with a Kalishnnov?

There have only been two incidents of Israeli civilian violence against Palestinians, that I can recall and in both cases, the perpetrator was mentally ill.

My fear is that this event will turn in to a hate fest and the zionists will use it to expand the myth of their victimization. Notice how all of the traditional allies of the cause have pulled out of endorsing this? Where are Women in Black? Jewish Voice for Peace? They share the same concerns."

Luzdedos1: oy ve, who are they?
The NJG: bunch of anarchists
The NJG: this is ANOTHER one in SF The NJG: Shine The LIGHT on them Luke The NJG: I think they’re also connected to the bomber in NYC, at the recruitment center The NJG: i have to look for something they did earlier The NJG: they threatened the life of someone named palpitine who wrote comments that they were all traitors The NJG: they erased his comment The NJG: hang on I saved it The NJG: this is what they wrote to him – this is regarding the military bombing
The NJG: Palpatine Mar 07, 2008 03:16PM EST Peaches Keep your momma out of this. Buggering your relatives has left you jaded and somewhat disturbed, but please don’t have it become the cause of your early death. In the meantime go out and get yourself a couple of donuts and give momma a big wet one under her snout. http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2008/03/95282.html
The NJG: he said they were TRAITORS and would wind up in Gitmo! The NJG: they’re THREATENING his life! The NJG: Here’s Palpatine’s comments The NJG: Peacenik antiwar morons are Traitors. Mar 07, 2008 12:36PM EST Palpatine Your day is coming, traitors. When they catch the POS who did this, send him to Git’mo. And the rest of you communist bastards should watch your step, too. The guy who did this, and the ELF ecoterrorists need to spend 25 years in a cell with a horny 6’5" 245lb cellmate named Leroy or Bubba.

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