Sexually Harassed?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager talked about sexy TV reporter Ines Sainz who claimed the New York Jets harassed her:

Ines Sainz is a sports reporter for TV Azteca in Mexico.

She went into the New York Jets locker room and according to the USA Today, she was dressed in tight jeans, high heels, and a low-cut blouse.

You have a sexy young woman in a low-cut blouse. I’ve seen the pictures of this woman and the jeans and I don’t know how she gets into them. Maybe she sleeps in them? Maybe she showers in them? They’re very hard to get on and off, I have to believe, by simple laws of physics. She walks in high heels, which of course is the typical dress code for a locker room. The men are walking around essentially naked except for a towel perhaps. They whooped it up.

When she was outside the room, they overthrew two passes of a football at her, which, as you know, is a terrible form of harassment. The New York Jets have had to profoundly apologize. Anyone who’s defended in any way the Jets’ players has had to apologize. I’ll have to apologize. This is the totalitarian left at work. This re-education campaign. You have not acted the way the left wants you to act.

They say she was sexually harassed. Why weren’t the players sexually harassed by her outfit? Why is the only form of sexual harassment verbal? Why isn’t there visual?

Totalitarians of the left argue that if a guy who works in a body shop has a calendar up of women in bikinis, that is sexual harassment of females. They believe there is visual harassment of women but not of men.

One has a more frightening question to ask — is it absolutely necessary that female reporters go into male locker rooms. Do male reporters go into female locker rooms? No. Why isn’t that sexual discrimination? Why can women in provocative clothing enter the men’s locker room but men can’t enter the women’s locker room?

This is part of the insidiousness of what the left does to control men’s behavior. Women can make profoundly sexual statement with their clothing but men may not react verbally or visually (by staring).

Maybe Americans will never rebel at the control of their lives the left has instituted?

If it is done incrementally, it’s like the frog boiled by gradually hotter water. So too with our liberties. They are boiled at a slow rate and we don’t know to jump out. Now people are jumping out because President Obama and the Democrats didn’t do the boiling at a slow rate. With Obamacare, it became clear what the left stands for — more control of your lives.

What if she wasn’t a reporter and walked into the locker room provocatively dressed? She’d be committing a crime.

She walks into the locker room and they’re the bad guys. They have to apologize profusely and they have to take remedial courses in sexual harassment. At one place of work, I was in one of these seminars [at KABC], and I think I drove the woman crazy with her totalitarian talk about what was permitted. I can show you my breasts but you can not comment on them. That’s sexual harassment law in a nutshell.

Men don’t want female reporters in their locker room to begin with. It’s been forced on them by law.


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