My Name Is Asher Lev

Buffy posts: “Why is it rebellious for Asher to have mentioned his parents sleep in a double bed? Potok says in an interview, “if it’s really a double bed, then out of respect to your parents, don’t say so, because your religious parents are not supposed to sleep in a double bed.” What are they supposed to sleep in?”

You goyim have it so easy! You are supposed to have separate beds and during the two weeks of the month when you are permitted to each other, you push them together and have it!

Buffy posts: “Hahaaaaaaa. But how does the niddah link explain the two-week timeline? Shouldn’t the beds get to be pushed together for three weeks at a time, then? Or does the niddah have to spend a week at the mikveh first?”

You can only go to mikveh after a solid week without bleeding down there.

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