A Hard Luck Story

RabbiAriel5740: there is an extremely unfair law in Minisota in regards to non-custodial parents
RabbiAriel5740: they must pay more than 400$ a month even if they are not working
RabbiAriel5740: there is a woman in Arizona right now who lost custody of her youngest daughter to her ex because she didn’t file on time at that time and didn’t have money to hire a lawyer to fight the case
RabbiAriel5740: and now she was sick and had surgery
RabbiAriel5740: and wasn’t able to pay this child support for few months
RabbiAriel5740: and didn’t find another job yet (she is a nurse but she quite her job to be able to qualify to have surgery covered by state insurence)
RabbiAriel5740: now she can be imprisoned
RabbiAriel5740: she was interested in converting to Juddaism
RabbiAriel5740: 7 years ago
RabbiAriel5740: when she was 1st in contact with me
RabbiAriel5740: before she even did that she convinced some Jews in Atlanta area to close store on Shabbos
RabbiAriel5740: ( i had her open the Igrot Koiidesh opnline and the Rebbes letter specificly mentioned the great merit of causing Jews to keep Shabbos this was after she told me about this )
RabbiAriel5740: short time later
RabbiAriel5740: we lost contact
RabbiAriel5740: she had financial problems
RabbiAriel5740: at that time and didn’t even have internet
RabbiAriel5740: and phone part of the time and had to live with roomate
RabbiAriel5740: to be able to pay child support
RabbiAriel5740: now she contacted me some time ago
RabbiAriel5740: found my email from a mutual friend
RabbiAriel5740: and says she converted
RabbiAriel5740: about a year ago after studying for a year
RabbiAriel5740: in some conservative temple in minisota
RabbiAriel5740: and she moved to Arizona because Minisota was to cold for her
RabbiAriel5740: she ran out of money to the point of not havign money for car insurance and food for Shabbos
RabbiAriel5740: so i clicked her some money
RabbiAriel5740: i called
RabbiAriel5740: Chabad in Tuscon
RabbiAriel5740: and they told me they recently were robbed and can’t help her
RabbiAriel5740: but she should try Jewish Family Services
Luzdedos1: can i blog this?
RabbiAriel5740: that is why i immed you
RabbiAriel5740: i’d like you to interview her
Luzdedos1: oy, i dont have time, but i’ll publish your comments above
RabbiAriel5740: may be you can include my paypal button – donate@bostonchabad.com
RabbiAriel5740: so people can donate
RabbiAriel5740: because thus far i sent her total of $156
RabbiAriel5740: from my own funds
RabbiAriel5740: and she is trying to look for a job
RabbiAriel5740: but she didn’t find it yet
RabbiAriel5740: and she was reluctant
RabbiAriel5740: to accept the money
RabbiAriel5740: till i told her to look in Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
RabbiAriel5740: where it says that whoever needs tzdaka but is too proud is spilling his own bloood

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