I Lost All My Friends Through Blogging

Almost all the good friends I had in Los Angeles in 1997 I lost by 1998 because of their vehement objections to what I was writing online.

This devastated me. I went into therapy for years to talk about it.

As the years rolled by, I made new friends through my blogging.

At the moment, a ton of people stay away from me because my blogging creeps them out. A smaller number of people approach me because they like my blogging.

I try to keep my priorities clear: There are a few relationships that are so precious to me that I will not endanger them through my blogging. Aside from those relationships, my blogging comes first.

Because I live on the edge, I know a lot of people who live on the edge. I say to myself and to them — identify the relationships most important to you and do what you need to do to maintain them.

One day in seventh grade (1979), my teacher Audrey Judd wanted to get me more involved. I was socially isolated. She had me write a story that included all of my classmates.

I did. I loved it. My classmates loved it.

I’ll never forget the impact it had. I learned that when you write about people, you get their attention.

I know it’s not cool to admit this but I love to grab attention.

Hey, read me!

LimmudLA is just like seventh grade. Just as 30 years ago everyone was hyper about what I was writing on them, today the limmudniks are all hyper about what I’m writing on them. I gotta give props to the one person out of the many concerned who had the balls to talk to me. All the rest are a bunch of cowards.

That’s so cool! With fex exceptions, nobody cares what the Jewish Journal writes because it’s a boring newspaper. But Little Ol’ Levi, Torah Jew and Moral Leader extraordinaire, shines his Jedi light across the internet for Jew and goyim alike, arousing them from their moral stupor!

Now all I need are the right Air Supply lyrics to go with this drama — and a wife!

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