Running Camp Ramah Earned You $225 K In 2008

Camp Ramah‘s 2008 990 filing reveals that executive director Rabbi Daniel Greyber earned $225,000 in 2008. Elie Mechaly, operations director, brought home a sweet $140,000.

It’s a blessing that rabbis don’t take vows of poverty before embarking on their careers. Only bloggers such as myself take on the chumras of poverty, chastity and humility. provides us with this inspiring though bewildering endorsement from a hot chick named Nancy Cooper: “Ramah helped to strengthen my Jewish identity and gave me a solid foundation of who I am and the values that are important in my life.”

You’d think with the hefty salaries they pay out that they could afford somebody who understands the English language.

What does it mean to get a solid foundation “of who I am”?

Oh well, coherence in hot chicks is wildly overrated.

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