None of my birthdays hit me hard. The occasion of a birthday has never been monumental for me. It’s never been as sad as losing a job or a girlfriend or a community. I’ve never been as sad about my birthday as I have about the loss of another Dallas Cowboys season without a Super Bowl victory.

I lost my health at age 22, so after that, I had no more illusions about youth. Turning 30 and 40 was no way as significant as spending 1988-1994 in bed.

My hair started turning grey after I moved to Los Angeles in 1994. I was 27 and I started using Grecian Formula.

Dennis Prager says that 30 was the toughest birthday for him because it meant that he was no longer a kid.

I’ve never celebrated my birthdays. I’ve never done anything special for them. I like it when other people pay me attention, whether it is for my birthday or for my good looks or for my awesome Torah insights. It’s all good. I like back rubs and ego rubs and free meals and presents.

I know you’re thinking, oh, the Moral Leader, he’s so holy. He could never understand a sinner like me. It’s not true. The Leader understands.

Dennis Prager said on his show Aug. 3: “What’s the first birthday is not an unalloyed joy? It’s 30. At 30, it hit me that I am not a kid anymore. You can delude yourself in your 20s.”

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