Shiksa Menace 4.0

Chaim Amalek emails: Re this Tova Schreiber (and what a great name for a writer she has!), in that photo you posted she looks like something photoshopped by placing the head of an 8 year old kid on top of a 32 year old Jewish woman’s body. Very disturbing. Also, I fear that this is the Shiksa Menace, v.4.0 that the Talmud warns against. (Shiksa Menace, V1: the traditional blonde, shiksa Goddess of Portnoy’s Complaint; V2: The dog-eating Yellow Peril; V3:the daughter of the Jewish man and the shiksa woman; and now V4:the daughter of the Jewish man and the shiksa who has converted to Judaism.)

Re: Greg’s summary of What the Jews Have Taught Him via Luke Ford: If what one reads on is true, just how wrong in his opinions of the Jewish Character was Herr Hitler? 99%? 20% 51% What say you, Luke?

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