Modern Orthodox Vs. Chareidim

Chareidi trial attorney Baruch Cohen writes: “The MO community has its shares of criminal convictions for criminal behavior and scandals and it is not immune from Gezel or other wrongdoings. When the an NCSY official was convicted of sex crimes, you didn’t see the Yeshivish community sensationalizing off the tragedy demanding and preaching reforms. Yet, when a Charedi gets caught doing the exact same thing doing, it becomes the rallying cry by the MO blogger and it fuels your anti-Yeshivish animus.”

Rabbi Rabbs emails: Baruch Cohen was spot on. There are no shortages of scandals in the “Modern Orthodox” community, so it is beyond hypocritical for MOs to constantly spew their hatred against the Chasidic and Yeshivish crowds.

As for the NCSY case, which is perhaps the worst scandal in my lifetime, it needs to be mentioned that although some heads did roll, those actions only happened after the scandal had already become public. But, until that time, there had been a terrible cover-up taking place for years.

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