Ten Commandments For Liberal Jews

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Rabbi Rabbs says:

The Ten Commandments for Liberal Jews:

1. You shall take offense to Christians and loudly proclaim Christianity goes against Judaism, while you shall have no problems championing Atheism which Judaism considers worse than Christianity, and you shall celebrate the male homosexual act even though Judaism considers it an outright abomination punishable by the most severe form of death penalty.
2. You shall complain that you don’t want Christians shoving their personal beliefs down American throats, but you shall have no problems shoving your own ridiculous stupidities down everyone’s throats, such as the global warming nonsense and annoying political correctness, not to mention the insane universal health care package at the cost of trillions.
3. You shall embrace criminals that show contempt for US immigration laws even though you are only here because your own family respected those very same laws, and you shall falsely claim Jewish values say to love the illegal alien, even though what Judaism actually says is that everyone must respect the Law of the Land

4. You shall show tolerance towards others, pride yourself on how open-minded you are and how you promote diversity, except you must show blatant bigotry against outwardly-Jewish looking Jews, and label them with derogatory names such as ultra-orthodox fanatics

5. You shall scoff at most of Judaism and call its Laws outdated and often silly, and take offense to any mention of G-d in a public setting, but at all cost, you shall praise and defend Islam.

6. You shall call yourself pro-Israel, but at the same time, you shall worship the Palestinian cause, and embrace left-wing media outlets, college professors, and politicians that condemn the Jewish State

7. Even though your closest connection to Judaism is when you bring your Gentile spouse or lover to Temple for High Holidays, and although you worship European countries that condemn the State of Israel and ban kosher slaughter, you shall smear as anti-Semitic those Christian conservatives such as Sarah Palin, even though amongst all major politicians in the world today, she is perhaps THE most vocal supporter of the Jewish State, and she espouses Jewish values such as the belief in G-d and that marriage is defined as only between a man and woman.

8. You shall blame all the world’s problems on former President Bush, label the US military as a terrorist organization, proclaim that there is no such thing as Islamic Fascism, and actually believe that those that want to kill us can be reasoned with by sitting crossed-legged together with them while smoking a peace pipe.

9. You shall worship African Americans, soothe your soul by voting for a Black man, and do so based solely on his skin color, and you shall label his opponents as racists, but at the same time, you shall discriminate against Whites, and shout ridiculous anthems such as “white privilege”, and explain that racism against Whites somehow isn’t racism.

10. You shall steal from the rich through progressive taxation, brag how charitable you are by giving away other people’s money, while the only charity that you give from your own pocket goes to foreign people across the globe in places nobody ever heard of such as Darfur, and you do it in the name of Tikun Olam, while poor Jews in your own backyard are left starving, and the same religion that preaches Tikun Olam also mandates to take care of your local Jews first.

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