Don’t Let Yourself Go

I enjoy beauty and when I have to look at a fat slob, it bums me out.

So ladies, shape up!

Guys, shape up!

We can’t take others for granted. We owe them our best.

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager relays a story about hanging out at Juniors deli in Westwood. He saw a sign advertising Playboy’s Miss May. So Dennis wanders over to meet her. There are three women sitting at the table. There are big posters featuring Miss May.

Dennis stares at the women and then asks a bloke, “Which one is Miss May?”

When actresses and models don’t have make-up on, most of the time they look ordinary.

“It is a woman’s obligation to her husband, just as men have obligations to their wives, to keep yourself as attractive as you can.”

“It is one of the ways you say to your husband, I love you and I don’t take you for granted. If you let yourself go, it’s a statement to most men that I take you for granted.”

“I will point out to my wife a woman in an ad or even in a restaurant who I think is attractive, or one of the waitresses, and my wife will be stunned because she’s so normal looking.

“A man’s freedom to say this to his wife is a blessing. The definition of friend is someone you can say everything to. If a man has to bottle that up…”

“My wife will say, you find those legs attractive? But look at the thighs.”

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