Married People Talk Different

In his 13th lecture on Deuteronomy, Dennis Prager says: “I play a game on the radio. When a person calls, and starts talking, and all I have is a name and the city, I know nothing else about the person, I wonder if this person is married and does this person have children. Every so often, out of nowhere, I will say, are you married? I’m verifying for myself if I guessed right. I guess right about 85% of the time.

“Married people talk different. Parents talk different. I talk different since I got married and became a father. Everyone who’s gotten married knows that. You can’t even remember what it was like to be single just a year into marriage because it is so different. Especially for men. And you grow from it.”

“The Torah is profoundly opposed to incest. It disrupts the family. The family must be the one asexual place on earth. Every parent knows how uncomfortable your children are with any mention of your sex life and how uncomfortable you are as a child with any mention of your parent’s sex life. Your parents are asexual beings in your eyes. If they are sexual beings in your eyes, that is not a good sign.”

“It is not healthy to have sexual tension between family members.”

Dennis says his favorite translation of the Bible is the NIV.

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