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While surfing American evangelist websites (It is Sunday after all) I came across a Pastor that was truly enjoyable to watch – Pastor Melissa Scott. I didn’t hear a thing she said, but heck I was taking notice and thought I’d find out a bit more about her. She was previously a PORN STAR… oh my god. Next we’re gonna see Chrissy Moran preaching the faith. Pictures of ‘Barbie Bridges’ are difficult to find and she has enough power and money to get all the Youtube clips pulled down. Evangos seem to have a lot of power over the Youtube guys. You can find her goods in torrent form on Pirate Bay if you are ‘up with it’.

She’s educated and classy and if I was still Christian I’d be a devotee. She seems to have a good head for Hebrew and a better head for business. I’m not judging her for her past but from what I’ve been reading, she’s more of a whore for money now than she was in the past. She sold her body to finance herself in the past and now she’s selling the ‘prosperity’ doctrine to finance her church. This is after marrying the old and now deceased wrinkly rich Dr. Gene Scott. He was 70 and she was 32. Working the system well.

Melissa Pauline Peroff

Melissa performed as Barbie Bridges in adult photos and videos produced by Vivid Productions.

Melissa became coupled with Dr. Gene Scott in 1995 during his pony girl phase of paying models to attend his church in the front row, while requiring the rest of the audience to stand and give the ladies an ovation when they entered.

In 1996, Melissa divorced Paul Pastore and Gene Scott divorced his second wife Christine.

Some doubt the credibility of Dr. Scott’s claims that Melissa spoke 15 languages and has an IQ of 186, particularly when Dr. Scott’s doctors had to tell her to stop feeding Dr. Scott herbs which were interfering with his prostate cancer test results and treatment. Dr. Scott died of terminal prostate cancer in 2005.

Controvery surrounds Pastor Melissa Scott as she hammers volunteers for free servitude, demands money to pray for callers and insists that those who have stayed in her church double and triple their monetary giving and time to help her make ends meet. This is amid court documents and reports that she has been liquidating cars, horses, and real estate that Gene Scott acquired through church donations, to buy herself a downtown L.A. swank condominium and further her own celebrity preacher and singing acclaim.

Recently, Pastor Melissa Scott raised eyebrows within her church by an about face plan to teach the prosperity doctrine, with a catch. It’s prosperity for her church and the mostloyal who have devoted their lives to it, not for the poor,homeless, meek, weak or disenfranchised.

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